August 30, 2013

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Jessie Andrews - I Never Knew

This is new single from the adult film actress, DJ, singer, and jewelry designer. It is a throwback to mid 90s French House. With the recent revival of retro sounding club tracks, most notably by Daft Punk and Duke Dumont, this one follows that style. The song has only a few lyrics, but they are sung pleasantly. The looped vocals definitely call to mind some of Daft Punk's dubbier tracks. The production changes up enough though so it compensates for there being only a few lyrics. Overall, this is a fun song.

Listen to the song:

Buy it here (Beatport), or here (Amazon), or here (iTunes)

Grade: A-
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First Choice - Double Cross

This is one of the most sampled songs from the legendary Salsoul record label, particularly the "took my love away" part. A brand new remix has been done by Eli Escobar. He manages to maintain the integrity of the original while updating it slightly. The new mix has an 80s R&B/Disco feel which is fitting.

-Listen to the Original 12" mix here (YouTube)
-Listen to the Larry Levan remix here (YouTube)
-Listen to the Danny Tenaglia mix here (YouTube)
-Listen to the Eli Escobar remix here (YouTube)

Purchase the Eli Escobar remix here (Beatport)

Grade: A-

August 26, 2013

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Kristine W. - New and Number Ones Club Mixes Part 2

This is the second volume of the New and Number Ones album featuring some brand new remixes as well as some previously unreleased rare ones.

Here is a track by track overview of the digital edition (the CD edition does not include track 11, however "So Close To Me" is supposed to be released as single very soon):

1. Lovin' You (Soul Seekers Club Mix)
This brand new funky electro-disco rework of the hit maintains much of the melody that is characteristic of the original. It's really well-done.

2. Happiness (Twilight Club Mix)
This darker take on the song from The Power Of Music is delightful.

3. Love Come Home (Kristine W. & Frankie Pharoah vs. Bitrocka Epic Duet Mix)
The edit of this appeared on the first volume of this album. This is so uplifting and pretty.

4. Everything That I Got (Offer Nissim's Tel Aviv Mix)
This mix was released a short time after the initial remix packages had been made available. This one could be thought of as an entirely new track as it centered around some spoken parts and ad libs instead of the verses and chorus.

5. Clubland (Junior Vasquez Big Horns Club Mix)
This was done around the time of the Thunderpuss mixes and the original however this was not released properly. It has circulated on the internet, but now it's finally here in great quality. This is a festive horn-laden mix with select elements of Royal Party's "Can You Party" and Lil Louis' "The Conversation" in it.

6. Sometimes Like Butterflies (Simon Langford and Soul Seekers Summer Club Mix)
This gorgeous cover of the Donna Summer b-side appeared on the first volume of this album, however, it gets extended and a little harder here.

7. Stand in Love (Stonebridge Alternate Radio Mix)
A slightly different version of this was released a few years ago for sale through the now closed Perfect Beat digital store when they had a large number of rare and unreleased Kristine material. Stonebridge's treatment makes it more uptempo.

8. Shower the People (Welcome & Joe Carrano Vegas Nightclub Mix)
The full version of this remix was made available as a bonus download with the purchase of the "Everything That I Got" CD maxi from Kristine's website last year. The midtempo was made over into a lush disco/house floorfiller.

9. Sweet Mercy Me (Junior Vasquez Icon Club Mix)
This was also made available as part of the Perfect Beat digital release of the unreleased material, however, this is a much clearer, restored version than the one released before. This had been at the top of many collectors' wishlists for almost 15 years and it was worth the wait. This mix is quite the club anthem.

10. Wonder of It All (Joe Carrano Progressive Club Mix)
The previously unreleased mix is far more anthemic than any of the previously released mixes. This is easily one of the many highlights of this album

11. So Close to Me (Tony Moran Destination Mixshow Mix)
This brand new mix by Tony Moran and Joe Carrano is in a trancey, big room style. It ends up being more chill than anthemic as the beats could have been a little harder.

Overall, this is a solid collection of tracks as it includes some of the rarest mixes and they have been beautifully remastered.

Grade: A

August 23, 2013

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Yann - Take That

After the dub mix was previewed earlier in the week, the original version has been released. The song ends up not being dark like the dub. It immediately calls to mind Lady Gaga's "The Edge Of Glory", especially during the pre-chorus. The song is about being yourself and showing detractors that you can do whatever they said you could not do. This empowerment song has a fun 80s electro flavor. 

Buy here (iTunes)

Grade: A-
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Vernessa Mitchell - Rise!

This was originally released 3 years ago with over 2 dozen remixes. The song has been remixed by Tony Moran and Vernessa's longtime collaborator Joe Carrano. The positive, uplifting lyrics written by Steven Feldman, Jerome Farley, and Vernessa herself are just as relevant today as they were back then. Vernessa really takes listeners to church with her vocals. The new production by Tony Moran and Joe Carrano is a great fusion of both of their signature styles. They deliver the definitive mix of the song. There are just 3 different versions including a radio edit, mixshow edit, and full club mix, all packing quite the punch.

Listen to clips and purchase here (iTunes)

Grade: A
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Sir Ari Gold - Love Goddess (Remixes)

This is the latest single off of his Play My F**kn Remix: A Remix Retrospective. The 80s-sounding song is a fitting tribute to iconic actress of yesteryear, Marilyn Monroe. There are remixes by Jared Jones, Minoo, Paul Errico, Steve Sola, and Steven Hernandez. Jared Jones delivers a nice big room mix that stays close to the original. Minoo's two mixes are lovely as well with the Radio one being softer and the Dancefloor one being harder-hitting. Staying true to the main version, Paul Errico and Steve Sola's mixes are basically extended versions (the latter more than the former as he produced the original). Steven Hernandez switches things up for a very stripped down, mostly instrumental mix. Overall, the Jared Jones and Minoo Dancefloor ones are the best of the bunch in addition to the original.

Listen to all the versions here:

Purchase the digital single here (iTunes)

Grade: A

August 22, 2013

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Tony Moran Presents Liquid Soul feat. Deep Influence - Planet XL (That's How We Do)

This is the latest release from the veteran producer/DJ. This song is supposed to be the theme for a special club event he will be playing at this weekend. Featuring the soaring vocals of longtime collaborator Deborah Cooper, the song is a nice tribal floorfiller. The production is hard and driving. All of the versions except two are based on the same production. The NYC mix is a bit more peak hour. Jerome Farley & 6KU's mix is even darker. Overall, it's a great track.

-Listen to clips and purchase here (iTunes)

Grade: A

This is the promotional banner for the club event happening this weekend featuring DJ sets by Tony Moran and Gustavo Scorpio, and live performances by Kristine W and Vernessa Mitchell

August 19, 2013

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Yann - Take That

This is the debut single from the independent artist. He first teased it with the mysterious 'I Bet You Didn't Think I Could Do This' viral campaign last week which had many wondering about who was behind it. The Electro/Synthpop/Dubstep track is very of the moment. It's dark, twisted, and a lot of fun. The full vocal mix will be released later this week. A dub with some vocals has been released so far.

Listen here:

Grade: A-

August 17, 2013

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Enigma - Sadeness Part 1 (Serving Ovahness Remix)

The sensual, spiritual track was a number one hit around the world. It combined Gregorian chants, breathy female vocals, club beats, and lyrics speaking of controversial writer Marquis De Sade. Newcomer DJ/remixer/producer Serving Ovahness has given the classic a makeover in the vein of mid 90s mega club Twilo. Danny Tenaglia, John Digweed, Junior Vasquez, and Sasha were some of the club's most famous resident DJs. This song has a deep production with tribal beats, big synths, some cool narrations by Lula (from her own song "Twilo" which was an ode to the club), and of course some selected bits from the Enigma song. Despite the original version being the basis for the mix, it all blends beautifully with the new production.

Serving has made this remix downloadable for a limited time.

Grade: A
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Griffin White feat Amber Dirks - Time To Party

Taking a page from Barry Harris & Pepper MaShay's QAF mainstay "Dive In The Pool" is the new single "Time To Party." Though this has far fewer lyrics, the few it does have are perfectly effective. Griffin White's peak hour production coupled with Amber's soaring vocals will make this one a floorfiller. In addition to the main 'dirty' versions, there are 'clean' ones as well for radio and mixshow play.

-Watch the music video set to the main club mix here (YouTube)
-Listen to clips and purchase here (iTunes) and here (JunoDownload--DJ friendly lossless)

Grade: A

August 16, 2013

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Farley feat Debby Holiday - Fantasy

This is the much-awaited collaboration of up and coming producer/remixer/DJ Jerome Farley and club diva Debby Holiday (of "Dive" and "Surrender Me" fame). The lyrics are delightful and Debby's delivery of them is great. The "la da dee da da" hook reminiscent of Crystal Waters' House classic "Gypsy Woman" is so addictive. The main edit's electro/euro-house production has a mid 90s yet contemporary feel. There is an alternate mix by Joe Carrano who gives the song a big room reworking. It's really pretty. Additional remixes are expected in the coming weeks.

Listen to all the versions on Spotify:

Purchase the digital single here (iTunes) and here (JunoDownload--for lossless)

Grade: A

August 14, 2013

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The Thrillseekers with York and Asheni - Daydream

The Enigma-esque track appeared on York's most recent album. The song even has a similar vocal style as that of Sandra who did much of the vocals on Enigma's earlier work. Newly remixed for the dance floor by the Thrillseekers, the song is no longer downtempo. It recalls the early 2000s big room trance period. Many of the vocals have been removed on this version. The additional remixes by Lostly and Will Atkinson also continue in that direction with their respective 138 BPM mixes which are absolutely stunning. They too omit the majority of the vocals, however, they kept the melodic hook of the main version. Will Atkinson's ends up being the best of the bunch along with the unremixed, downtempo original, though every version is exquisite.

-Listen to the original, unremixed version here (YouTube)
-Listen to clips and purchase here (Beatport)

Grade: A

August 13, 2013

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Yoko Ono - Walking On Thin Ice 2013

The final mix of this song with the mysterious, ominous-sounding vocals was produced hours before her late husband John Lennon was tragically murdered. The song was one of her biggest and most well known hits. It was given remixes by Danny Tenaglia, Eric Kupper with François Kevorkian, Felix Da Housecat, Orange Factory, Pet Shop Boys, Peter Rauhofer, and Rui Da Silva in 2003.

Now it is back a decade later with brand new mixes Danny Tenaglia, Dave Aude, Emjae, Ralphi Rosario, and R3hab. Danny's new mixes are a throwback to his work with Peter Daou in the mid 90s. His 'Grand Ballroom mix' starts off with a lush, nearly 3 minute downtempo introduction before the tribal beats come in. His 'Give Ice A Chance Mix' is slightly shorter, omitting the downtempo intro. It has been many years since he has done mixes in this style. Dave Aude's piano-based mixes are lovely too. Emjae's are pleasant too with the "Love Is Gone"-styled piano melody. Ralphi Rosario delivers his usual tribal anthem. R3hab's has some pretty sections but it gets really noisy quickly.

Overall, Danny Tenaglia, Dave Aude, and Emjae's are the best of the bunch.

Full streams of all the mixes can be heard on Yoko's website

Purchase here:
Part 1 on Beatport, Part 1 on iTunes
Part 2 on iTunes

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Wayne G feat Debby Holiday - Dive '13 (Part 2)

The 2nd set of remixes of the club classic is out now. Chris Cox, Club Junkies, Jerome Farley & Joel Dickinson, LFB, LuckyDeejay, Mark VDH, Matt Consola & LFB, and Nu Collective provide the new mixes.

Chris Cox delivers a slamming update to his earlier mix. The beats are not as hard, but the overall structure including the synths and main production elements are the same. The Club Junkies mix is very mainstream. Farley & Dickinson's dark, drummy mix is really good too. LFB's mix is also on the dark side, but it has the feel of late 90s Almighty 'definitive' mixes. This adds some much needed drama. LuckyDeejay's has lots of soaring synths. Mark VDH's tribal mix has a slight Rock edge. Matt Consola & LFB's is circuit-oriented, but it will work well on mainstream floors too. Last but not least is Nu Collective's circuity mix with a touch of 90s Handbag House is lovely. Nu Collective, Farley & Dickinson, LFB, and Matt Consola & LFB's mixes end up being the best of the bunch though all are great.

-Listen to clips and purchase here (iTunes)

Grade: A

August 12, 2013

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Lady Gaga - Applause

This is the lead single from ARTPOP. It is produced by DJ White Shadow, who contributed a number of songs on her last album Born This Way. After a number of mysterious clips were "leaked" during the past week, many were expecting a really unusual song. The result is a euphoric and fun party song. It is extremely catchy. The production has an 80s feel. The main chord progression during the chorus is reminiscent of Christina Aguilera's "Let There Be Love" and Ke$ha's "Crazy Kids". This should hopefully put Gaga back on top again.

listen here;

Grade: A

August 10, 2013

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Katy Perry - Roar

This is the lead single from her upcoming 3rd album Prism. It is produced by Dr. Luke, who has been responsible for many of her hits. She had released two introspective songs which addressed her divorce when Teenage Dream was re-released last year, however, this song is in the same vein. She spurns her lover letting him know that she will not be put down by him and she will move forward. The song's production is strikingly similar to Sara Bareilles' "Brave" which was a moderate hit earlier this year. It is unknown whether that song was sampled or it just shares those similarities. It's a good lead single for the new album. This will be on iTunes on Monday, August 12.

-Listen to the song here (Perez Hilton)

Grade: B+

August 5, 2013

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Jei - I'm Ready (Remixes)

This is the latest single from the former reality TV star. Produced by Oba Frank Lords, this club track is a great throwback to the halcyon days of 90s House music. Jei delightfully channels the vocal style of La India, La Princesa de la Salsa who was known for this type of belting on House songs. Oba's main mix is sparse and tribal recalling Danny Tenaglia's Twilo era mixes. Danny G, Murk, and QBA provide the additional mixes. Danny G's mix is the most current with its tribal/electro sound. Murk do their best to bring back their sound heard circa their Liberty City project. It's straight out of the early Sound Factory era. QBA's mix is really deep and dark, also in the vein of mid 90s Danny Tenaglia and Peter Rauhofer. Overall, all of the versions are great.

-Purchase the digital single here (Beatport)

Grade: A
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Amber Dirks - Feel The Love (2013 Mixes)

Originally released in 2009 with Reflex, the song has been given some new remixes by Oliver Watts and Peter Barona with Bill Bouvier and John Hull. Amber's soulful vocals are great. With the dreamy, happy synths, the Oliver Watts mixes are heavenly. Peter Barona along with frequent collaborators Bill Bouvier and John Hull deliver another lovely big room anthem. It packs quite the punch despite being a little over 5 minutes long. These are wonderful mixes.

-Listen to clips and purchase here (iTunes) and here (JunoDownload)

The original package of mixes from 2009 by DJ Amy Alderman & Bryan Reyes, DJ Ting, Drew G, Mike Bordes, Rafael M, and Reflex is also available
-Listen to clips and purchase here (iTunes) and here (JunoDownload)

Grade: A
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The Wanted - We Own The Night

This is the new single from the UK boyband's upcoming 3rd album Word Of Mouth. After the underperformance of "Chasing The Sun", "I Found You", and "Walks Like Rihanna" in the U.S., this is their latest attempt at stateside success. "Glad You Came" has continued to receive strong recurrent airplay in the past year, however, those other singles were met with a mixed response. "We Own The Night" ends up being a much catchier song Pop/Rock song with a hint of Electro. It immediately calls to mind last year's hit "Some Nights" by Fun and Imagine Dragons' "Radioactive". This one could very well be a big hit for them with the right promotional push.

-Listen to the stream here (Ryan Seacrest)

Grade: A

August 4, 2013

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Becky Baeling - Diva (The EDM Mixes)

The first set of mixes came out in mid June. This is the second set of remixes geared towards those enjoying the current hands in the air, synthy EDM production style. Beechkraft, Jason Scot Taft, and Sam Michaels vs. Klubjumpers provide the remixes this time. Beechkraft's big room Electro-oriented mix is clubby yet mainstream sounding. Jason Scot Taft (he has produced under the name DJ JST in the past) delivers two hot synth and drum-heavy mixes. Sam Michaels vs. Klubjumpers' mixes are very mainstream as well. Every mix on this second package is well-done too.

-Purchase The EDM Mixes here (iTunes) or here (JunoDownload)

The first set of mixes of "Diva" by Griffin White, Mike Bordes, Oliver Watts, Peter Barona & John Hull along with the brand new Tony Moran mix of "Supernova Light" are also available for purchase.

-Purchase the first set of mixes here (iTunes) or here (JunoDownload)

Grade: A

August 3, 2013

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Vengaboys - Hot Hot Hot

The Dutch Eurodance group's latest single is a cover of the Arrow song. It is most famous in its cover version by Buster Poindexter. The production on the song is far more contemporary than their earlier work. Some parts resemble that Eurodance style, but there is the "Gangnam Style" electro synth riff that comes in occasionally. Their remake ends up being a lot of fun, but it's nothing groundbreaking. There are plenty of remixes on the single. The Scorpio mix is close to their earlier style so fans of that will enjoy it.

-Watch the music video here (YouTube)
-Purchase on iTunes here
-Listen to all the mixes here:

Grade: B
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Matt Consola feat Brenda Reed & LFB - Dream Of Me

This is the latest release from the Swishcraft record label. The sensual song features the soaring vocals of Brenda Reed. Matt Consola & LFB's main mixes are circuit-oriented. They incorporate some Indian instruments, adding an exciting texture to the song. There are additional remixes by 7th Heaven, Chris Stutz, Cristian Poow, Eran Tubul & Aviv Shitrit, and Peter Barona & Bill Bouvier.

7th Heaven's mix is a nice mainstream one. Chris Stutz's is a nice techy tribal one with the Indian elements from the original. Cristian Poow's is a trance/tribal hybrid. Eran Tubul & Aviv Shitrit bring that element in too, but it's much darker. Peter Barona & Bill Bouvier's is much more anthemic.

Listen to the edits of the mixes here:

-Purchase on Beatport here and here (they sell DJ friendly WAVs)
-Purchase on iTunes here, here, and here

Grade: A

August 2, 2013

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Selena Gomez - Slow Down (Remixes)

The first package of remixes of the Cataracs produced dance/pop song have been released. Chew Fu, Danny Verde, DJLW, Jason Nevins, Smash Mode, Paolo Ortelli & Luke Degree, and Sure Shot Rockers provided the first set.

Chew Fu's mix is close to the original, but it feels watered down. Danny Verde's tribal mix makes it into an anthem. DJLW's has lots of synths and electro breaks but not much else. Jason Nevins' ends up sounding like a noisier version of the original. Smash Mode's mix feels rather underdeveloped. Paolo & Luke's mix is pleasant, staying close to the original but making it more uplifting. The Sure Shot Rockers Reggae mix is soft and summery. Overall, the Danny Verde mix is the best of the bunch.

Listen to all the mixes here:

These mixes will be available for purchase on August 20.

Grade: B+
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