March 26, 2014

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Tony Moran feat. Orion - I Give In (Remixes)

This song first appeared as a radio edit on the Sugarhouse Divas unmixed compilation nearly a year and a half ago. The full mix had been a staple in Tony's live sets for nearly 4 years. The full remix package was released earlier this week. The main version is an epic 10 minute mix with a massive tribal and synth buildup leading to the hot vocals. Bonnis Maxx & Marcelo Rivera, Eddie Baez, and Ennry Sena & Mauro Mozart provide the additional mixes. Bonnis & Marcelo's mix is suitable for peak hour but is not as hard as the original. Ennry & Mauro's mix packs quite the punch despite being less than 7 minutes long. Eddie Baez's mix gives the song a hard, tribal workout with lots of buildups and breakdowns. An acapella based on the main mix is also included. The main long mix ends up being the best of the bunch along with Ennry & Mauro's mix.

Listen to all of the mixes here:

Purchase the mixes here (iTunes)

Grade: A
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Thrill and Rxn - Ilemi

Hard aggressive instrumental club tracks show no sign of slowing down. In the same vein as "#Selfie" and "Animals", "Ilemi" is an explosive peak hour floor burner. Just as the others, this one is begging for some vocals, but it works well as it is. This one should be everywhere in the next few months.

-Listen to a clip and purchase here (Beatport)

Grade: A-

March 24, 2014

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Martha Wash - I'm Not Coming Down (Remixes)

The legendary, powerhouse vocalist released her new album several months back. She reunites with Tony Moran for this set of remixes for her song about overcoming difficulties. The original is a guitar-driven midtempo. Tony provides 3 different mixes. His main mix is a trancey, big room one allowing for Martha's vocals to soar. The 2nd mix with Deep Influence is harder and darker. The final one with Mauro Mozart is more contemporary, having a techy sound.

-Listen to clips and purchase the remixes here (iTunes)

Grade: A

March 21, 2014

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Cher - I Walk Alone (Remixes)

The latest single from her Closer To The Truth album has been remixed for a club release. Pop/Rock diva P!nk wrote this song and also performed the background vocals. The rock tinged song was a fan favorite. The Dance/Rock/Country style of the original works really well and Cher sounds great singing over that production. There are remixes by JRMX, Mike Rizzo, Morlando, and Tracy Young on this first set. JRMX delivers a Disco/House mix reminiscent of the Freemasons' signature sound that works surprisingly well. Mike Rizzo provides an interesting mix that incorporates dub step elements which somehow works. Morlando's 80s sounding mix is anthemic, however, it lacks a certain something that would take it over the top. Tracy Young's mix is a big room oriented Electro House one. It's the most mainstream mix of the bunch.

Grade: A
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Neon Hitch - Some Like It Hot (Mike Bugout & Michael York Remix)

The new single from the sexy singer doesn't specifically reference the iconic film, but the lyrics of the song could fit. This is far catchier than her last outing "Gold" which showed a different side of her.

Mike Bugout and Michael York have done a remix that gives the song a Deep House feel that calls to mind MK's classic work, but they combine it with modern EDM sensibilities making For a mix that could fit into a wide variety of sets.

-Listen to the original here (Soundcloud)
-Listen to the remix here (Soundcloud)

Grade: A-
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Idina Menzel - Let It Go (Remixes)

The Oscar-winning big ballad from the Disney movie Frozen has been given remixes for the clubs by Dave Aude, DJ Escape and Tony Coluccio, and Papercha$er. Dave Aude's mix keeps the drama of the original and is quite pretty, though it just doesn't sound all that special. The Escape and Coluccio mix also suffers from a very one note production that just doesn't fit such a dynamic song. Their effects, builds, and breakdowns work really well though. Papercha$er saves the day with the perfect mix which balances the drama with a spot on production and uses nearly all of the vocals effectively. There is also another remix by Armin Van Buuren that will be appearing on a special Disney remix album.

Listen to all the mixes here:

Grade: A-
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Kylie Minogue - Sexercise

This is the erotic dubstep influenced second single from her new album Kiss Me Once. It is written by Sia Furler who is known for her unique writing style. The song is about a different kind of exercise that can't be done in most gyms. While it is catchy and playful, the lyrics are a tad lackluster. The song works well when coupled with the raunchy music video.

Grade: B
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Chachi - Raze

If you are looking for an aggressive, Electro peak hour track, look no further than this one. This instrumental track starts off dark and hard, slowly building up to some euphoric synths. The song is begging for some vocals.

-Listen to a clip and purchase here (Beatport)

Grade: A

March 13, 2014

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Warren Nomi - #TIMEwarped (Album Review)

The new album from the Dance/Pop artist is finally here! The album is a mix of contemporary Electro and 80s Synth Pop. The result is a collection of well-constructed songs that will appeal to a wide audience. Warren's vocals recall those of Boy George and even Andy Bell (of Erasure). Fans of both artists will want to check this out. Some of the highlights include the covers of Kurtis Mantronik's "How Did You Know" (it was also remade by Mynt and Kim Sozzi in the mid 2000s) and Victoria Beckham's "My Love Is For Real", along with "French Kisses", "Falling"m and "Tease Me." "Tease Me" appears in 3 different incarnations, however the Love To Love You Baby mix of it is the best with the references to the Donna Summer classic, but the funky vibe of it really takes it to the next level. Overall, this is a solid album.

01. Falling (Björn Bodin's Strange Mix) (3:15)
02. How Did You Know? (Studi0 Matt VS Nomi EDM Mix) (6:05)
03. Red Wine Girl (David Kahne Master Mix) (3:56)
04. Tease Me (Rock Me Remix) (4:05)
05. Love Out Loud (3:20)
06. This Summer I (5:02)
07. French Kisses (4:31)
08. Eye Candy (3:55)
09. My Love Is For Real (Goh Hotoda's 1990 Mix) (4:52)
10. Tease Me (Part 2) (3:44)
11. How Did You Know? (Björn Bodin's HI-NRG MIX) (4:18)
12. This Summer I (Björn Bodin Summer Of Radio Mix) (3:22)
13. French Kisses (Josh Harris Eurotrash Mix) (3:45)
14. Tease Me (Love To Love You Baby Mix) (6:25)
15. Falling (Original R.I.P. Anders Mix) (3:02)

Grade: A

March 11, 2014

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Beyoncé - Partition (Remixes)

Celebrating sexytime in the back of a limo, this racy song is the next single from the diva's chart-topping self-titled visual album. The beat and bass-driven song starts off with the "Yoncé" interlude leading straight into the playful track. The production is red hot.

There are some remixes by Dave Aude and Tom Stephan. Dave Aude's mix does not stray too far from the original, retaining the original's slow groove and tempo, but he adds some additional elements that help it surpass the original. Tom Stephan's uptempo mix is more suitable for the big room floors. This mix super sexy too.

Listen to the remixes here:

Dave Aude mix

Tom Stephan mix
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Melissa Etheridge - Uprising Of Love (Barry Harris and Ian Nieman mix)

The powerful anthem previously remixed by the Bent Collective has been given another remix treatment that comes courtesy of Barry Harris and Ian Nieman (formerly of remix duos Thunderpuss and Widelife, respectively). Their take ends up being more on the mellow side, really allowing for the lyrics to be heard a little better. The gorgeous production takes the best of their respective styles and they mesh perfectly. Hopefully this will be the first of many more collaborations to come.

Listen to the remix and download it here (Soundcloud):

Grade: A
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