May 31, 2012

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Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes (Remixes)

This is the second single from his Trespassing album. The Electro-Pop original is pretty good but an unusual choice for a single. Adam's vocals are wonderful as can be expected. The production feels a little generic. However, there are some remixes by Almighty, Digital Dog, and Sunship. Almighty's mixes are light and uplifting. Digital Dog's have a harder electro edge. Sunship's house and breaks mix is really fitting. The Sunship mixes are the best of the bunch.

Watch the music video for the original here (YouTube)

Grade: B+ (for the original)/A- (for the Sunship remix)
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Chris Brown - Don't Wake Me Up

Continuing with his foray into Dance/Electronic music, R&B bad boy Chris Brown's latest single is produced by Benny Benassi. They previously did "Beautiful People" together. The production on the main version is radio and club-ready. Despite being severely autotuned, the vocals are pretty good. This song would work well as a downtempo if such a version were to be made. William Orbit also produced a laidback remix version. The vocals have more room to breathe on this version. Both versions are very well-produced. This should be another hit for the singer this Summer.

Purchase the song (iTunes)

Grade: A-
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Loreen - Euphoria

She first won the Melodifestivalen in Sweden earlier this year with this song and went on to win the Eurovision Song Contest. The uplifting Dance/Pop track begins slow and dark, building towards a big chorus just as the beats come in. Loreen's powerful vocals are brilliant. In addition to the exquisite original are mixes by Alex Moreno, 7th Heaven, and Wawa. Alex Moreno's mix is beautiful with the piano instrumental breaks. 7th Heaven's is a bit darker until it gets to the chorus. Wawa's mix is somewhere in between in terms of the sound. It manages to be pretty and dark at the same time. Overall, the original single version is the best one, but all the remixes are good.

Listen to the various versions: (YouTube)

Grade: A

May 24, 2012

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Kylie Minogue - Time Bomb

This is a brand new single from the dancefloor princess. There is no word on whether this is from a new album or upcoming greatest hits collection, or it's a standalone release. Kylie sings in her trademark breathy, sexy voice on this aggressive electropop track. The hook is super catchy. The song's lyrics have an end of the world theme (2012 Mayan Prophecy?) that has come up in other songs during the last couple of years. Overall, this is a perfect release just in time for the summer.

Listen to the song here (DailyMotion)

Grade: A-
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Ryan W - Don't Come Lookin

After having some underground success, Ryan W's latest release "Don't Come Lookin" is aimed at a mainstream audience. Newly released on the Island Def Jam label, the electro-pop song is a bit of a departure from his earlier material. This song makes him seem like the male counterpart of Ke$ha with the singing and rapping. The production and lyrics make this club-ready. The chorus is rather catchy. Overall, this is a decent single choice, however, it isn't as exciting as "Crave" or "Oceans".

Listen to a preview and buy here (iTunes)

Grade: B
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Loverush UK! vs Maria Nayler - One & One

Originally released in 1996 by Italian Dreamhouse artist Robert Miles, the song is back again as a remake by Loverush UK! featuring a re-recorded vocal by the original singer Maria Nayler. Things are a little faster and a touch darker on the main mix, however the familiar classical piano from the original is there. Maria's vocals do sound a little different from when she originally recorded them in 1996. Club Junkies and Protoculture provide additional remixes. The Club Junkies mix is quite progressive and energetic. Protoculture's big room electro-trance mix is beautiful as well. The use of Maria's backing vocals in certain places give the song a different feel. Fans of the original will want to check this out.
  • Listen to the main mix here (SoundCloud)
  • Listen to the Club Junkies mix here (SoundCloud)
  • Listen to the main mix here (SoundCloud)

Grade: A-

May 11, 2012

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so80s presents Sandra: Curated by Blank & Jones

German Dance/Pop singer Sandra's 80s hits have been assembled together on a new collection called so80s presents Sandra Curated: by Blank & Jones. It's two discs filled with extended versions, instrumentals, and dubs of her hits all unmixed and digitally remastered. Many of the versions on the first disc appeared on the third disc of her The Platinum Collection several years back, however, the quality of the versions is even better. Disc two includes a number of rarities including the previously vinyl only U.S. Mix of "Heaven Can Wait", the Japan exclusive M.I.D. DJ Mix of "Secret Land", and various instrumentals and dubs from her 7" and 12" vinyl singles. The 7" PWL mix of "Everlasting Love" is also thrown in as a bonus. Overall, this is a must have for Sandra fans and collectors.

May 4, 2012

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Shawnee Taylor feat Sympho Nympho - Colors

Dance diva Shawnee Taylor's latest release produced by Sympho Nympho (aka House veterans Erick Morillo, Jose Nunez, and Harry Romero) is all set to take over the dancefloors of the world with "Colors." In many ways it is the "When Love Takes Over" of this year. It is a dazzling full vocal cut with a lovely production. The main version and its accompanying radio edit are the best versions (and probably the only ones you'll need). This is exquisite.

Listen to clips and purchase the Original Mix here (Beatport)

Grade: A+

May 1, 2012

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Sandra - Maybe Tonight

80s German Dance/Pop star best known for the hits "Maria Magdalena", "In The Heat Of The Night", "Heaven Can Wait", and many more is back with a new single produced by Blank & Jones. This comes on the heels of a new collection featuring extended versions, instrumentals, and dubs of her 80s hits also assembled by Blank & Jones called So80s Presents Sandra 1984-1989, Curated By Blank & Jones. The song is pleasant but is a very obvious throwback to her songs "Around My Heart" and "Heaven Can Wait". Fans of her earlier works will want to check this out. This is much stronger than some of her recent Dance-oriented releases. A CD single will be released in Germany, plus an international digital release on May 11.

Grade: A-
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