August 25, 2015

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Nick Jonas - Levels

This is the new single from the heartthrob. There have been rumors that this is from a brand new album that will be released later on, however, there has also been talk of it being from a re-release of his last album. This is cut in the same style as the last album, however, this has a strong 80s Funk/Pop flavor fused with the Dance/Pop of today. It sounds like a lost Prince song. This has the potential to be a big hit for the singer with the right promotion. Nick will be performing this at the MTV VMAs pre-show this weekend.

-Listen to the song here (YouTube)
-Purchase the single here (iTunes)

Grade: A
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Groove Addix feat Chase Silva - Free To Be Me (Part 2)

The uplifting tune released in the Spring has received a second package of remixes by remixers Argonaut, Brian Cua, Darren Burgos, Dr. Brooks, Joel Dickinson, SLM, and Tim Letteer. The Argonaut mix has a deep bassline with some techy elements. Brian Cua delivers a mix in the new Future House style with a hint of EDM sensibilities. Darren Burgos delivers a delightful Deep House mix. The hard, drummy Dr. Brooks mixes are minimally produced but they pack a punch. Joel Dickinson's mix is hard and perfect for peak hour. Tim Letteer delivers a techy Tribal mix with a deep bassline. Overall, every one of these mixes on the second package well-produced.

-Listen to clips and purchase the remix here (Beatport)

Grade: A

August 23, 2015

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Dirty Disco Feat Debby Holiday - Was That All It Was

Originally recorded by Jean Carn in 1980, the R&B/Disco song became a classic at the legendary Saint club. Kym Mazelle and Hannah Jones went on to cover it. The Hannah Jones recording was also quite successful. This new version is faithful to both the original and the Hannah Jones versions. Debby's vocals are powerful and soulful. The main version is a Garage meets Tribal House affair, resembling something that would have been produced by Peter Rauhofer in the 90s as part of his Club 69 project. It captures that sound nicely. There are additional mixes by Leo Frappier, Phil B, Ralphi Rosario, and Space City. Leo Frappier & Phil B deliver a darker Tribal mix which turns this into an anthem. Phil B's solo mix is in a Hi Nrg/Disco House style. Ralphi Rosario's mixes have a Tribal flavor but they are Disco-oriented. The dub brings all the drama. The Space City Dub is minimal and is great for later in the evening. Overall, this is a solid package. It's hard to choose a favorite as all of the mixes are so well-done.

Grade: A

August 9, 2015

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David Morales feat Janice Robinson - There Must Be Love

Nearly several months in the making, this testament to the necessity of love in the world has finally been released. It is the latest collaboration of veteran producer/remixer/DJ David Morales and singer-songwriter Janice Robinson. They have worked together in the past for David's last album Changes and he remixed Janice's underground hit "Earthbeat" in the mid 90s. Janice's vocals are soulful and beautiful. The lyrics are well-thought out and powerful. The Disco Juice remixes are a fusion sound of the glory days of Disco and the melodic House of the 90s. The Piano Intro version starts off with a piano whereas the other one begins with the drums. The World mixes are deeper and a little darker. These recall the classic Red Zone mixes which would usually accompany the mainstream club mixes on a double pack. These are far more dramatic. Ralphi Rosario has also provided a remix which is tribal and darker, however, the vocal sections have some piano elements. Overall, this is an excellent song and every remix works well.

Listen to clips and purchase the release here:

Grade: A+
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Faithless - Insomnia 2.0

The original is nearly 20 years old and has been remixed and revisited countless times, however, Avicii has done a new remix of this as part of an upcoming Faithless remix collection. The song was a huge hit all over the world. The Monster Mix version of the song based on the original is the most famous. Avicii's remix of it features vocals that have been pitched down and it does contain the famous riff, however this remix lacks the energy and drama that made the original so memorable. Additional remixes are supposed to be released in the next few weeks so hopefully some of the others will stay closer to the original.

Listen to the remix here (YouTube)

Grade: B

August 3, 2015

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Chablis - I Love You Anyway

If you're looking for a positive and uplifting song for your Summer sets, look no further than this one. The original combines traditional piano Gospel music with Hi Nrg beats. The Sylvester-esque vocals are fantastic. The other remixes by Jared Jones are in a 90s Handbag House style. The happy pianos in the latter mixes are an excellent match for the vocals.

Purchase the single here (iTunes) and here (Amazon)

Grade: A
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