December 21, 2011

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Nicki Minaj - Stupid Hoe

This is the second song premiered from her forthcoming Roman Reloaded album. "Stupid Hoe" is an outrageous, over the top, hyper uptempo in which Nicki (as Roman) calls out some very specific people without naming names who have thrown shade at her ever since she arrived on the scene. It is an all around fun track, but does come across as a novelty. Nicki's rapidfire delivery is on point as usual though.

Purchase the song from iTunes Explicit | Clean

Grade: B
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Florenza - Heartbreaker (Remixes)

This is the latest single from the Brazilian singer. She takes after vocal powerhouses Celine Dion and Whitney Houston, who she idolized growing up. Florenza beautifully showcases her vocals on "Heartbreaker" which is a lovely midtempo. There are remixes of this by The Krafters and Manny Lehman. Both deliver equally palatable big room, circuit mixes. Manny's mix is much harder hitting and more melodic and is the better one of the two. This should be a dancefloor smash in the coming year.

-Listen to the original and remixes here (Florenza's website)
-Purchase the digital single here (iTunes)

Grade: A
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Carlos Nóbrega - Pitiful: The Echoes

The original version was previously reviewed on 9/21.
Out today is the remix EP for "Pitiful." There are 9 different versions. Of the uptempo mixes, the circuit oriented JM Castillo & Carlos Del Rio and minimal Sky mixes are the best of the bunch. The Acoustic version is really pretty as well giving the song a slightly more somber feel. Every mix is pretty good though.

The EP includes the following mixes:
-Acoustic version
-Pablo Rodriguez Remix
-FluxKyzum Remix
-JM Castillo & Carlos del Rio Remix
-Paulo Pacco Remix
-Stop Calling Dub Joel Remix
-Sky Remix
-Armada Urbana Remix
-Adri C Remix

-Listen to previews of all 9 mixes here (YouTube)
-The EP can be downloaded for free from Carlos' website. Click the Pay with a Tweet or Facebook button to get it.

Grade: A-

December 19, 2011

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Prince - Dance 4 Me (Remixes)

This song is from his 2009 IMPLSoUND album which was released exclusively through Target stores in the U.S. The song has many of the sounds that have been long associated with the legend throughout his illustrious career from the drums or the pitched up vocals (especially as part of his "Camille" recordings). It's a funky Dance number that could have easily appeared on one of his albums from the 80s. There are some remixes by Jamie Lewis, David Alexander, and Brian Matrix. Jamie Lewis' mix has a Disco/Funky House feel with a hint of Electro. David Alexander's is a full on Electro mix. Brian Matrix's has a circuit feel to it. The Dominatrix and Tribal Drum mixes are just funkier versions of the original. Overall, the Jamie Lewis mix is the best of the bunch.

Listen to the mixes:
Prince "Dance 4 Me" by Purple Music

Grade: B+

December 16, 2011

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Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself

This is the lead single off of his sophomore album Trespassing. Produced by Dr. Luke (known mainly for his work with Kelly Clarkson, Ke$ha, and Katy Perry), this song is a light Electro/Pop midtempo. It has some of the production cornerstones of Dr. Luke's work, however, this has a freshness that many of his productions have lacked during the few years. Vocally, Adam sounds pretty good. He shows a little restraint on this one opting not to show off his impeccable range. This one is a nice change from the full-on ubiquitous Dance/Pop sound of late.

December 15, 2011

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Denis Naidanow feat. Juan Magan - Shuri Shuri (Crazy)

This is the latest release from the DJ/producer. It is an unusual track combining male rap, some vocals in a foreign language, and an irresistible old style instrumental hook. Although a bit jarring at first, this song is quite the grower and would really kill on the dancefloor. The original version is pretty straightforward while the Bodybangers mix changes up the structure a bit and has a production calling to mind Nicola Fasano's "75, Brazil Street", plus some well-timed breakdowns. Overall, this is an interesting song that is in the same vein as "Stereo Love", "We No Speak Americano", and "Mr. Saxobeat." It's worth a listen.

Purchase the digital single here (iTunes)
  • Listen to the Original here (YouTube)
  • Listen to the Bodybangers Remix here (YouTube)

Grade: B+

December 13, 2011

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Tony Moran presents Mix Magic Music Unmixed

Nearly 6 months after the release of his highly anticipated mixed compilation album comes the Unmixed edition featuring full length unmixed, and uncut versions of the songs featured on the compilation, along with some additional radio edits and alternate versions.

December 11, 2011

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Rizzle Kicks - Mama Do The Hump (Remixes)

Hailing from Brighton, England, this Hip Hop duo is ready to take the world by storm with their latest single. Produced by Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim), the song is extremely infectious with its guitar riff loops, marching band drums, and that old school styled vocal hook. There's a full package of mixes, however the Freemasons remixes are the one to go for. The main versions start off at a house tempo and then builds into the tempo of the original before going back to the house one again. Elements from the original version are kept and worked to perfection. Their Boozer version is at the tempo of the original as well.
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Loverush UK! feat Bryan Adams - Tonight In Babylon

This is the Canadian rocker's latest foray into clubland after "Don't Give Up" with Chicane in 2000, which was a major hit. "Tonight In Babylon" is a stunning Electro House (with a hint of Rock) track in its main version with Bryan's amazing vocals.

December 9, 2011

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Dev feat Enrique Iglesias - Naked

This is the lead single off of her sophomore album The Night The Sun Came Up due in January. She teams up with Latin heartthrob Enrique Iglesias. Produced by The Cataracs (who have worked with Dev before), the song is a catchy Electro/Dance/Pop one. Dev and Enrique, complementing each other nicely, go back and forth singing to each other in a somewhat sensual manner. The song is well-produced, well-sung, and is sure to be a smash in the new year.

Grade: A-
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DJs From Mars feat. Fragma - Insane (In Da Brain)

This is the collaboration of the mega bootleg act and the German trio. DJs From Mars are known for their unusual and unlikely bootleg mixes that somehow work. Fragma is the German group responsible for the modern dancefloor classic "Toca's Miracle." Featuring vocalist Damae, the song is in the Electro/Pop style in its original version. This song could easily fit in with the Dance/Pop music that is all over the radio airwaves these days.

There are many, many remixes of this. They are in the range of harder Electro/House all the way to Dubstep. The Gabry Ponte and Muttonheads mixes are the best of the bunch in addition to the original. The other versions are good as well.

Purchase the digital single with all 17 versions here (Radikal)
An abbreviated single is available here (Beatport)

Grade: A-

December 1, 2011

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Mike Posner - Looks Like Sex

After a string of several hit singles from his debut album, he is all set to begin his sophomore album era. "Looks Like Sex" is a midtempo Electro/Pop track.
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Yinon Yahel feat Maya Simantov - Like It (When We Do)

This is the latest release from Israeli producer/DJ Yinon Yahel and singer-songwriter Maya Simantov. "Like It (When We Do)" recalls the production style of earlier Maya tracks produced with both Offer Nissim and Yinon Yahel, specifically the classic "Be My Boyfriend". It combines both that earlier sound with what Yinon has been doing recently. Maya is as good as she usually is on vocals. There are 7 remixes, in addition to the original. All versions are circuit-oriented with some being a little harder, and some with more Electro elements. All the versions are pretty good, however, the Stephan Grondin & Alain Jackinsky and Allan Natal mixes are especially outstanding.

Listen to clips and purchase the digital single here (Yinon's store on Facebook)

Grade: A
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