March 24, 2016

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Nick Jonas feat Tove Lo - Close

This is the lead single from the heartthrob's upcoming album Last Year Was Complicated. He teams up with Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo on this sensual, minimal R&B track. It calls to mind some of Miguel and The Weeknd's recent work. The song doesn't feel like a lead single as it doesn't grab ahold of you immediately, but it is quite the grower. Nick and Tove Lo's voices blend well and they just sound great together. This has all the makings of another hit for both of them.

Listen here:

Grade: A

March 21, 2016

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Pet Shop Boys - The Pop Kids

This is the first proper single from the English duo's upcoming 13th album Super. This is the second song to be heard from the album after the mostly instrumental "Inner Sanctum" was released as a teaser for the new direction of the album. The song's lyrics tell a story of two friends who met at university and shared a friendship during that time through their mutual love of the club scene. The story is given a proper conclusion in longer The Full Story remix which has an additional verse. The song's production is in a 90s House style. It has the deep tribal beats and the characteristic pianos. Some parts of the piano hook recall the main riff in Bizarre Inc's rave classic "Playing With Knives". This element is played up to great effect in the PSB Deep Dub version. Marc Kinchen and Offer Nissim provide the remixes. MK's take is in a similar vein as the original but in his usual straightforward classic House style. Offer Nissim's mix is dark and dramatic just as the remix name indicates. It contains most of the vocals and they have been spread out a bit. Both are really well done.

Listen to the remixes here:

Grade: A
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