March 28, 2009

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The Transatlatins featuring India - I Can't Live Without Music

This song has been around for a few months but now it's finally getting a release. The Transatlatins is a production alias for the legendary Roger Sanchez and Oliver Azor. The 'Princess Of Salsa' India provides the vocals. She recently released a re-recorded version of her club classic "I Can't Get No Sleep." "I Can't Live Without Music" could prove to become a club classic in the way many of her other singles have. India's vocal performance is top notch and she just lets loose. It's a great track from start to finish.

Buy this song and its remixes at Beatport.

Grade: A

March 27, 2009

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Jipsta - I Want Your Sex

This is the Chicago-based rapper's followup to last year's club hit "Middle Of The Dancefloor." This is a cover of the popular George Michael song. Instead of singing the song, Jipsta speaks/raps it instead. As a club track, this sort of delivery of the lyrics actually works.

The main version by Mike Rizzo has a gritty, sleazy feel which is appropriate given the content of the song. Alexander & Mark VDH take the song in a darker, tribal direction. Manny Lehman's is much harder and more tribal. The After 6 mix is a bit more afterhours-ish and is quite minimal. Oscar Velazquez, Ranny, and Edson Pride's are all tribal in nature as well. Twisted Dee's is surprisingly lighter than all of the other mixes. It could be played during peak hour, but also during other times.

It's good that the package is quite extensive, There is not as much variety as there could have been. The Mike Rizzo mix is the real gem of the release. It's just right. Twisted Dee's is a close second.

Listen to the George Michael original here (YouTube)
Listen to the Jipsta version here (MySpace)

Grade: A-
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Oceana - Body Rock

There has been considerable buzz surrounding this song ever since it was featured on Wayne G's recent Atlantis compilation for Tommy Boy earlier this year. Junior Vasquez also featured it on his new comp which came out earlier this week. The wait is finally over as the full remix package was released today (on a limited basis).

"Body Rock" is a club anthem in every sense of the word. Oceana's powerful vocal performance really drives this song home. There are a number of mixes that will help this track fit into a variety of sets.

The main mix by Nikolas & Sibley is a nice light Dance/Pop confection. Perfect for Dance radio. Wayne G & Luke Johnstone take things in a harder direction. Manny Lehman's has some deep synths, but not-so-hard beats. It's not as big room-ish as the name implies, but is pleasant. On the dub version of his mix, it works a lot better. The vocal loops are interesting and the 12:45 length just flies by. Jamie J. Sanchez's continues in that direction. Twisted Dee's is a bit more peak hour-ish as well. Dave Aude also delivers something that is in that same vein. His could work well on Dance radio too. The real gem of this package is the Tony Moran mix. It's a hard, driving peak hour epic. It's really beautiful. Rafael M's mix doesn't really go very far. It's really minimal. It lacks the energy and joy that all the others have plenty of.

Overall, the package is exquisite. This will be one of the year's biggest successes.

Masterbeat is selling the mixes as an exclusive for now. The mixes are spread out over two parts, both of which are available at this time. Other digital stores will have the mixes in the coming weeks.

Grade: A+
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Tina Sugandh - You Without Me

This is the followup to last year's club hit "Break Me." On "You Without Me", the Indian-American singer showcases more of her unique voice. It shows a more soft and sensitive side of her. The lyrics are really great. The chorus is very memorable. Excellent vocal performance.

This has been remixed for the clubs by Chris Cox, who also did "Break Me." He takes things in a darker, but still somewhat uplifting direction. He adds the right amount of vocal effects that make her vocals sound even better.

Check her out on MySpace.

Grade: A

March 24, 2009

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Junior Vasquez - Generation Next

It's hard to believe that almost three years have passed since he last released a mixed CD! Junior Vasquez's latest Generation Next consists of 14 tracks, handpicked by him that showcase some of clubland's newest rising stars. Noticeably absent are mixes done by just the master himself (only two). Some highlights include Oceana's "Body Rock", Fumi's "Dub Space", Nick Harvey's "Beat On The Drum", DJ Demarko!'s "Drop A House" and Junior with Maxi J's "Insecurities." However, all 14 tracks bring their own special something to the table. The tightly mixed set is a nice blend of the commercial and underground. In addition to the continuously mixed version, there is a special unmixed edition which contains full versions of the songs. Both digital versions of the continously mixed and unmixed versions were released today. A physical edition will be released on April 7.

01. Oceana - Body Rock (Twisted Dee Remix)
02. Junior Vasquez - I Love Music
03. Fumi Kondoh - Dub Space
04. Nick Harvey - Higher
05. Nick Harvey - Beat On The Drum
06. Ruben Vega - Tribal Massive
07. Sin Morera - Whispered Prayer
08. Bimbo Jones - Freeze (Elliot DeHoyos Remix)
09. Chris Lake - If You Knew (ATFC Club Mix)
10. Junior Vasquez Featuring Maxi J - Insecurities
11. J.Velarde & Luque & Vitti Feat. Giovanna - Sundays At Heaven (Cajjmere Wray's Heavenly Club Mix)
12. DJ DeMarko! Feat. Heather Leigh West - Drop A House (Razor N Guido Mix)
13. DJ M-TRAXXX - My Beat (DJ M-TRAXXX Deep Circuit Mix)
14. Razor N Guido - Get Up Stand Up 2009

Grade: A

March 19, 2009

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Snoop Dogg featuring Tanvi Shah - Snoop Dogg Millionaire

This is a new song that is produced by Wild Animals and Chase & Status. It is one of the latest songs to capitalize on the juggernaut that is Slumdog Millionaire. On this song, he enlists the help of Tanvi Shah who sang on that movie's soundtrack. She re-sang some bits from the song "Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka" which came from the Bollywood movie Devdas (2002). Only a few parts are used. This is not the first time a Bollywood song has become the inspiration for a U.S. Hip Hop song. It has been a while since such a track was made. It was really in fashion during the 2002-2003 period when a number of artists did such tracks. While that song and Snoop's rhymes may be an unusual combination, it actually works pretty well. This might be included on Snoop's forthcoming Malice In Wonderland album.

Listen to the Snoop Dogg track here (YouTube)

Listen to the sampled/re-sung track here (YouTube)

Grade: A-

March 17, 2009

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Sybil - Stronger (Can't Look Back)

This is the followup to last year's single "Shining Star." "Stronger" is really great as well. Sybil delivers a perfect vocal performance as usual. This song has two main versions by Quentin Harris and Stonebridge. Quentin Harris' mixes are a bit lighter and more classic-sounding. Stonebridge's are a bit faster and modern. Both mixes are excellent.

Buy the mixes here (TraxSource)

Grade: A+

March 15, 2009

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Sabrina Johnston - Peace (In The Valley) 2009

This early 90's club classic is back again with some new mixes. A whole new generation of clubbers will get the chance to experience the powerful vocals of Sabrina Johnston. Midnight Express provide a number of the mixes. Their Classic Gold mix sounds exactly like it's titled. It's classic-sounding, while still sounding current. The Power mix is a little more Electro-tinged. The New Retro mix has fun swing beat. The Rock Da House mix is a bit more underground. Denzal Park's mix is a little darker. Luca Belladonna's is very light and pretty. The real gem in this package is up and coming remixer Jerome Farley's mixes. They are a perfect blend of classic and modern. Just hard enough for peak hour or early in the evening. The label wisely included a couple of the original mixes as well.

This is a great update of a classic.

It is available for purchase at Beatport.

Grade: A

March 8, 2009

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Nadia Ali - Love Story

This is the followup to last year's "Crash & Burn." Nadia Ali was previously the vocalist for Dance/Electronic duo iiO. "Love Story" is a Trance-lite/Electro/Pop track. The lyrics on this one are really great too. As usual, Nadia delivers a top-notch vocal performance.

The remixes by by Starkillers, Andy Moor, Scumfrog and Sultan & Ned Shepard are pretty good as well. The Starkillers mix is very Electro-ish. Not as hard and dark as some of their other work. Andy Moor's mixes are almost big room Trance-ish. Absolutely beautiful. Nadia's ethereal vocals become even more hypnotic when coupled with a Trance production. Scumfrog provides a light Trance mix as well. Sultan & Ned Shepard's is a little Electro also, but it has a stunning strings-loop running throughout it.

Overall the entire package is really great.

Beatport is selling the release at this time.

Grade: A
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