May 28, 2010

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Sir Ivan - Hare Krishna

This is his newest single which is based on the "Hare Krishna" chant in the famous play Hair is a positive "love one another" type of song. It's an unusual song to turn into a club track, however, the love and peace aesthetic of the song allows it to work. The vocals are pleasant. There are remixes for this by Tony Moran, Ford, King And White, Hoxton Whores, CR n Sugarman, and the Flash Bros. Tony Moran offers a hard, big room mix with plenty of Indian instruments. This one may work better had a dub been included as the instrumental production is so great. Ford also incorporates Indian instruments into his mixes. King And White's mixes lose the Indian flavor and are more electro-oriented. The production doesn't really fit the vocals. The Hoxton Whores mix doesn't really go anywhere either. It has some good moments though. CR n Sugarman's mix has an early 90's rave sound especially with the synths. It's nice. The Flash Bros. mix has a lot going on. It's tribal/electro with some techy elements. It works. Overall, Tony Moran and Ford's are the clear winners.

Grade: B (for the package overall)
Grade: A (for the Tony Moran and Ford mixes)

May 27, 2010

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Nadia Ali - Fantasy

This is the latest single off of her current album. It is a beautiful ambient/electronic track in its original version. Nadia's vocals are wonderful as usual. The remixes really improve upon this already great track. There are remixes by EDX, Starkillers, Tritonal, Morgan Page, and Rachel Starr. EDX's has a chilled electro vibe which works well. The Starkillers mix is a bit more progressive and has a light trance feel. Tritonal's mix is an epic, big room trance mix with some lush piano keys. Morgan Page's mix is electro/pop oriented. It's a bit more accessible. Rachel Starr's is in a similar vein as EDX and Morgan Page's. Overall, all versions are great. The Tritonal one is the standout on this package.

This release is available at Beatport, Amazon, iTunes, and at other digital retailers. It is spread out over multiple EPs on Beatport. Extended and Radio Edit versions are available.

Watch the music video (which uses the Morgan Page mix) here (YouTube)

Grade: A+

May 23, 2010

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DJ Spen and Robert Owens - A Greater Love 2010

This originally came out just a few years ago and now it's back with some brand new mixes. The song is sensual and elegant featuring a fine vocal performance by the incomparable Robert Owens. The new mixes are by The Layabouts, DJ Meme, and the Groove Assassins. The Layabouts offer a light tribal mix with the soulful vibe of the original preserved. DJ Meme's mixes are a classy throwback to disco at its finest. DJ Meme's Reprise version is also lovely, losing just the beats but keeping all those lush strings and bass, and of course Robert's vocals. Groove Assassins offer something a tad harder, but the soulful vibe is maintained. Wisely included are the two mixes from the original release. Every version on this release is excellent. DJ Meme's mixes are the highlight.

Purchase the release here (TraxSource)

Grade: A+

May 18, 2010

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Christina Aguilera feat Nicki Minaj - Woohoo

After "Not Myself Tonight" underperformed, this is being widely touted as the second single off of Bionic. "Woohoo" is a hypersexual hip hop clubbanger. It features hot artist/rapper of the moment Nicki Minaj. She does the chorus and a verse. Christina's portions are good, however, Nicki really stands out on this song. The song's lyrics are highly suggestive despite only a couple of actual profanities are used. This song could be a summer hit for both.

Purchase the song here (iTunes)

Grade: B+

May 14, 2010

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Kylie Minogue - All The Lovers

This is the lead single off of her much-awaited new album Aphrodite. Produced by Stuart Price, this song has that retro sounds he is known for. This has a really nice 80's synthpop feel. Kylie's vocals are chilled and smooth. Her voice has an almost fluid feel which meshes well with the production. The song does immediately call to mind Erasure's classic "A Little Respect" when it gets to the chorus. Nothing wrong with that. This is a great start to her next album era.

Listen to a full preview here (YouTube)

Grade: A-

May 13, 2010

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Pamala Stanley - The Bank Of Love

Although she is best known for the hi nrg club classic "Coming Out Of Hiding", she has recorded in a wide variety of styles throughout her career. She is back with a new club track called "The Bank Of Love." Co-written by Andy Kahn, the lyrics are really quite good. They are a clever play on banking terms within the context of love and relationships. The main version is co-produced by Zathan Radix. His mix is funky house-oriented with a gritty electro bassline. Pamala delivers a top notch, fiery vocal performance. This is the perfect song for Pamala's return to the club scene.

Listen to a clip of Zathan's mix and purchase it here (MARZ Music Productions)

Grade: A

May 11, 2010

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Leah Driscoll - If This Is Love

This is her debut single. "If This Is Love" is a beautiful song with a classic feel which brilliantly showcases Leah's stellar vocals. It's a simple dance/pop track in it's original version. The song has some remixes by Soul Seekerz, Groove Police, and JMBW & Joel Dickinson. Soul Seekerz provide a pretty, uplifting mix. Very similar to what the Freemasons would do. Groove Police's has the uplifting quality but is a bit harder. The JMBW & Joel Dickinson mixes really turn the song into an anthem. The Marathon-esque production is really wonderful. Overall, every version is really great. An excellent first release from the newcomer.

Purchase the original and the Soul Seekerz and Groove Police mixes here (Amazon)
The JMBW & Joel Dickinson mixes are new and have yet to be released for purchase at this time. Listen to a clip here (SoundCloud)

Grade: A+

May 9, 2010

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Vernessa Mitchell - Reap (What You Sow) Remixed

"Reap (What You Sow)" was released nearly 15 years ago and formally introduced Vernessa Mitchell to clubland. Written by Joe Carrano, Junior Vasquez, and Vernessa herself, the original and it's accompanying remixes were soulful while remaining hard-hitting. A revisit in 2001 by Junior and Joe transformed the song into an epic tribal anthem. There are some brand new mixes by Jerome Farley & Floor One. The main remix nicely captures the essence of the original. That familiar riff from the original is present as are those beats from the opening of the Sound Factory mix. Vernessa's vocals still sound just as fierce as they did back in the day. The instrumental version is great too. Overall, this is an excellent update to the classic. This will be released on May 25.

Grade: A

May 6, 2010

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Zelma Davis - Free Love

This is the highly anticipated new single from the C&C Music Factory songstress. Written by Bill Friar and Zelma, this song is positive, uplifting. Zelma's vocals are great on this. There are remixes by Mike Bordes, DJ JST, Solar City, Rafael M, Peter Barona, and Barry Harris. Mike Bordes offers a soulful house mix. DJ JST's has the soulful undercurrent but is more circuit-oriented. Solar City's is a little lighter. It has a Euro flavor to it. Rafael M's is more bassline driven. Peter Barona's is a nice big room mix. Very much in line with his recent work. And last but not least is Barry Harris with a light circuit mix which also maintains the soulful vibe. The entire package is really good. DJ JST and Barry Harris' are the best ones.

Purchase the digital single here (Juno) and here (Amazon)

Grade: A

May 4, 2010

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Brian - Mother's Day

This is special new single from Dutch singer Brian. He composed this song after he had phone conversation with someone who lost their mother to cancer several years back. The song is a R&B/Pop midtempo. Brian's vocals are really great on this one. There are some remixes by Arenna. They are circuit-flavored. Given the emotional nature of the song, the remixes are appropriate.

Watch the video here (YouTube)
Purchase the digital single here (Legal

Grade: A
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Erika Jayne - Pretty Mess

This is her 4th single off of her debut album of the same name. This song is not a cover of the Vanity 6 guilty pleasure of the 80's. The song is a cute midtempo in its original version. Erika sounds wonderful on this. The remixes by Dave Aude, Larry Tee, Klubjumpers, DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious, Tracy Young, Bill Hamel, Marshall Stack, and Peter Rafelson give every dancefloor a little something. Dave Aude's version gives the song a fun edge. This version is also used in the music video. Larry Tee's is a gritty electro affair. Klubjumpers' is a bit laidback compared to their usual. DJ Escape & Johnny Vicious offer a tribal/electro mix. Tracy Young's is gorgeous big room mix. It maintains the pretty vibe of the original. Bill Hamel's resembles 80's synthpop at its finest. Marshall Stack's has an 80's feel in some parts but with some gritty electro thrown in. Peter Rafelson's is electro-ish with an 80's touch too. Some parts resemble Coldplay's "Clocks". Overall, this is a solid package. Tracy Young's is the standout.

Purchase the digital single at Amazon: Club Mixes | Radio Edits | Dub Mixes and at Masterbeat

May 1, 2010

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Infected Mushroom - Killing Time

Israeli group Infected Mushroom have been recording for nearly 11 years now and are virtually unknown to the mainstream in the U.S. However, their latest single "Killing Time" could change all that. Featuring the vocals of Perry Farrell (of Jane's Addiction), the song is very catchy and treads that fine line between commercial and underground seamlessly. Perry's vocals are really great. The production is layered and has a raw, industrial quality to it. There are some remixes of this by Paul Oakenfold, Astrix, John '00' Fleming, and Infected Mushroom themselves. Paul Oakenfold strips away the industrial edge and gives it a lush dance/rock feel. Astrix's mix has a Deadmau5 or Morgan Page type of sound. John '00' Fleming's mix is in a beautiful chilled trance style. The Infected Trance mix by Infected Mushroom is a twisted adventure from start to finish. Hard and industrial one minute and chilled the next then a little hard rock and back. It may sound like an odd mix, but it somehow works. All the mixes on the package are great, but Paul Oakenfold and John '00' Fleming's are the standouts.

Purchase the original version here (iTunes)

Grade: A
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