September 30, 2015

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Pino Firmani & Stefano Capasso Feat.Kyn Mahone II - Movin On (Remixes)

With the recent resurgence of Soulful House which stylistically bears a resemblance to its Disco beginnings, there have been many strong releases. This is one of the latest ones. If one were not told this was a new release, it could have easily come out during the heyday of Disco. Kyn Mahone II's vocals are unforgettable and the lyrics are so relatable. Coupled with the fantastic production, the result is fantastic. The majority of the remixes are in the same style. The Extended club mix has a deep bassline and rich orchestral elements. The Original mix has a harder drum track but is similar to the Extended version. The Classic Philly version has a softer, uplifting feel. The Seventy mix is funkier. The Corvino Traxx version is slightly techy. The Autodub mix is minimal but it is bassline-driven. The Peter De Girolamo remix has a harder beat with a techy undercurrent. Overall, the Extended club mix and Classic Philly versions are the best of the bunch though every one of these mixes is well produced.

-Listen to clips and purchase the single here (TraxSource)

Grade: A
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Manika - I Might Go Lesbian (feat. Tyga)

This is the latest from the singer-songwriter. It is an Electro/Pop midtempo club banger about being tired of men. The lyrics are a little over the top and hilarious, but that's what makes the song memorable. Coupled with the DJ White Shadow-esque production, the song is super catchy. Tyga is a good accompaniment to Manika's rapid fire lyrics. There is a club remix by the Jump Smokers which plays up the Electro aspect of the song.

-Listen to the original here (YouTube)
-Listen to the Jump Smokers remix here (YouTube)

Grade: B+
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Madonna - Vogue (Barry Harris Remix)

To mark the start of Madonna's new Rebel Heart tour, Barry Harris (formerly of duo Thunderpuss) has produced a brand new remix of the club classic which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The song has been a staple of Madonna's tours (it appears in the current tour in abbreviated form) and is routinely updated and reinvented. Barry got ahold of the original vocal stems and made a fresh production which is faithful to the melody of the original, but he changes it up for today's dancefloors. He thankfully has used all the vocals. The result is a booming dancefloor anthem which brings this song into the 21st century.

Listen to the mix and download it here:

Grade: A

September 9, 2015

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Rita Ora feat Chris Brown - Body On Me (Remixes)

This is a new collaboration involving the two Pop and R&B singers. It is a sensual midtempo that contains one of Rita's strongest vocals to date and is one of Chris Brown's best features in a while. Their vocals complement one another perfectly. There are remixes by Dave Aude and Zac Samuel. Dave Aude has delivered a mix that is faster than the original, but isn't quite at a traditional House tempo. It's in the style of the Tropical House that has been popular. The vibe of the original translates extremely well with this remix. Zac Samuel's Disco-lite remix is at a higher tempo and also works well. Both remixes are exquisite.

-Listen to the original here (YouTube)
-Listen to Dave Aude's remix here (YouTube)
-Listen to Zac Samuel's remix here (YouTube)

Grade: A
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Paris Hilton - High Off My Love (Remixes)

The reality star and socialite released an album in 2006 and had a string of moderate club hits with remixes of the singles. Her second album is due later this year. The lead single features rapper Birdman and is a hybrid of Eurodance and Dubstep. The song is fun and is perfect for the dancefloor. Paris' spoken-sung style of singing is effective here. Dany Cohiba, Dirty Pop, Division 4 & Matt Consola, Mike Rizzo, Mindskap, and Tracy Young have provided the first set of remixes. Dirty Pop's mix is in a similar direction as the original but harder and more Electro. Dany Cohiba delivers a softer Deep House mix. Division 4 & Matt Consola deliver a hard, anthemic treatment that is perfect for peak hour play. Mike Rizzo's mix is the most mainstream of the bunch, however, it would be great for peak hour too. Mindskap's mix is also in a Deep House direction but it is more chill. Last but not least is Tracy Young's hard, synthy big room mix. Overall, all of these mixes are really well-done, but the best of the bunch are Division 4 & Matt Consola, Mike Rizzo, and Tracy Young's.

Grade: A-
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