June 25, 2011

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Florence and the Machine - You've Got The Love (Mark Knight Remix)

Although the song was a single a while back, this new version has been released. The original version which appears on Florence and the Machine's album was a cover of the Candi Staton classic. A number of other artists have covered it as well. This new mix by Mark Knight has been buzzed about for months after various drafts and edits of it were previewed and played out. It was finally released earlier this month in an effort to raise money for those affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The remix is slightly darker and progressive with Florence Welch's stunning vocals taking center stage. Even a small sample of the song "Your Love" which formed the basis of the instrumental of the original The Source mix of Candi's version is incorporated, fitting in so perfectly. A wonderful remix for a great cause.

It is available exclusively at Beatport. All profits from the sale of the remix will be sent to Japan.

Read more about the song here (Mark's Facebook)

Grade: A

June 21, 2011

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Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger

This is the highly anticipated collaboration between the two The Voice judges. The uptempo song isn't much of a departure from the usual Maroon 5 material. The Disco/Pop production is uplifting, complementing both Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera's vocals. Christina only sings the bridge. She is good and effective reminding us again of her vocal prowess. Structurally, the song immediately calls to mind the Disco standard "Relight My Fire" by Dan Hartman & Loleatta Holloway. Just like on that song, the female guest vocalist doesn't jump in until the bridge. Whether that was intentional or not, it works well.

Listen to the song here (YouTube)
The song will be released for purchase on iTunes tonight after The Voice airs

Grade: A-
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J Pearl feat Shayne Ward - Must Be A Reason Why

The former X-Factor winner teams up with J Pearl for this Electropop track. Featuring heavily processed vocals, Shayne's voice has a sexy, playful tone to it. J Pearl singing the chorus based on Wamdue Project's "King Of My Castle" complements him well. This is a bit of step down from some of the singles Shayne has released so far, however, it is nice to hear him on something a little more contemporary. This one has the greatest potential to help him crossover in the U.S. There are a number of remixes of this, however, the Guy Katsav version (featured in the video) is the best one overall.

Watch the music video here (YouTube)

Grade: A-
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Gloria Estefan - Wepa

This is the brand new single from Gloria's new English language album Little Miss Havana. She has teamed up with producer Pharrell Williams (of The Neptunes and N.E.R.D.) for this album. "Wepa" is not the usual Hip Hop or Electro song that Pharrell is usually known for creating. Frenetic and moving with its rapid-fire lyrics, the song is in a merengue style. Vocally, Gloria sounds amazing. The song will be quite the floorfiller in the clubs. It is a tad too fast for mainstream radio. This will of course smash on the Latin stations. There's no word on remixes yet, but hopefully, there will be some.

Listen to the song here (YouTube)

Grade: A-

June 12, 2011

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Tony Moran - Mix Magic Music

Nearly 2 years in the making, Tony's new album has finally been released. Continuously mixed by Tony himself, some of the featured vocalists include Deborah Cox, Jennifer Holliday Nicki Richards, Zhana Saunders, Frenchie Davis, Judy Torres, Ultra Nate, Trey Lorenz, some other newcomers and even Tony himself. Every track is top-notch. There is absolutely no filler. Some of the highlights include "Tenderness", "Magic", "Need Somebody", "Fly High", and "Spend My Lifetime Loving You." The latter is a cover of the song originally recorded by Tina Arena and Marc Anthony for the Zorro soundtrack. Most of the songs are around 4 minutes long with just a handful of them being much longer. Hopefully a special digital edition with longer versions will be released later on. Overall, this is one of the best mixed compilations of original material released this year.

01. Rolls Like a Superstar (featuring Sugar House Crew and Nicki Richards)
02. Fly High (featuring Judy Torres and Zhana Saunders)
03. Silly Love (featuring Angelica)
04. Magic (featuring Jennifer Holliday)
05. Blow the Top Off (featuring Sugarhouse Crew and Giuseppe D)
06. Destination (DJ Erry Remix) (featuring Ultra Nate)
07. If The World Could Be Mine (featuring Robert Aron and Soul Slip)
08. Need Somebody (featuring Nicki Richards and Trey Lorenz)
09. You Are (Ralphi Rosario Mix) (featuring Frenchie Davis)
10. Viva La Vida
11. Sensation (featuring Orion)
12. Can I Love You More (featuring Trey Lorenz)
13. La Tortuga (featuring Sugarhouse Crew)
14. Giving It Up To You
15. Spend My Lifetime Loving You (featuring Judy Torres and Tony Moran)
16. It Doesn't Get Any Better (featuring Diva Convention)
17. Tenderness (featuring Deborah Cox)

-Purchase the album here (iTunes)
-Masterbeat has it as well

Grade: A+
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Britney Spears - Burning Up

Yes, this is indeed a cover of the Madonna song from her debut album. It is reportedly going to be performed during her upcoming Femme Fatale world tour. The main version resembles Madonna's original, just slightly updated. Vocally, she sounds fine. Of the few covers she has done over the years, this is one of the better ones. So far, two remixes by Nick and Bit Error have surfaced. The Nick mix is funkier and harder than the main version. The Bit Error mix has a disco/house feel, calling to mind the Freemasons' remixing style. Both mixes are well done.

Listen to the original here (YouTube)

Grade: A
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Sade - Love Is Found

This is one of the other new songs on Sade's recently released The Ultimate Collection. The midtempo R&B track starts off slowly with a sparse production and some vocals and then funk-laden beats come in. Sade's velvet vocals soar beautifully over the production. There are some remixes for this by Alex Metric and Gareth Wynn. Alex Metric's 80's synthpop/electro/house mix is hard and aggressive, while Gareth Wyn's is a ligher funky house one. The latter fits the vocals better. Some of the harder production elements surprisingly work. The vocals at the higher tempo do take some getting used to.

-Listen to the original here (YouTube)

Grade: A
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Paul Hardcastle feat Marvin Gaye - Rainforest/What's Going On

This is an interesting mashup taking the vocals of Marvin Gaye's standard "What's Going On" putting them over a lush disco house production of Paul Hardcastle's "Rainforest". This combination just works so well, introducing both of these gems to a whole new generation. One of the best releases of the year.

Purchase here (DJTunes)

Grade: A+
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Mayra Veronica - Freak Like Me

This is the sexy new single from the model/singer. Her foray into Dance music began last year with the top 10 hit "If You Wanna Fly." Armed with mixes by Dave Aude, Razor N Guido, and Eddie Amador, this one will be burning up the dancefloors. Dave and RnG's mixes are circuit-flavored, especially the latter. Eddie Amador's electro mix with swing beats sounds a lot like the electropop stuff on radio stations lately. Overall, every mix is hot. A music video featuring heartthrob Antonio Sobato Jr. is currently being shot.

Grade: A-

June 8, 2011

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Chad Jack vs Nasty Pig - Gag On It

Producer/DJ is back with a new a underground track that is a takeoff on the runway classic "Why Are You Gagging?" by Jade Elektra. Only a few bits of vocals in both filtered and unfiltered incarnations are spread throughout the track. In addition to the building tribal/electro original, there are mixes by Barry Harris, Superchumbo, Coletta & LaCava, and Still & Havoc. Bringing plenty of drama, the Barry Harris mix is faithful to the main version, however, he adds some fun synth lines and effects. With its blips and bleeps and thick electro synths, Superchumbo's mix is rather repetitive. Newcomers Coletta & LaCava channel the Iberican underground with their interpretation. Their mix is excellent for layering with some other sounds or samples. Finally, the Still & Havoc mix has intense rushes of electro coupled with driving synths. Overall, the Barry Harris and Coletta & LaCava mixes are the best of the bunch.

Listen to an edit of the main version here:
Gag On It (NSFW Sound Cloud Edit) by Chad Jack Vs Nasty Pig

Purchase here (iTunes)

Grade: A-
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Andain - Promises

Best known for the club smash "Beautiful Things" nearly a decade ago, they are back with "Promises." It is a little more chilled and laidback than "Beautiful Things". This is just as catchy. Vocalist Mavie Marcos sounds great. There are mixes by Gabriel & Dresden, Myon & Shane 54, Nitrous Oxide, and Secret Panda Society. The G&D mix has a hard electro/lite trance feel. The Myon & Shane 54 mix has that ethereal, uplifting quality that Andain's earlier work had. The electro element isn't as front and center. The Nitrous Oxide mix is a lush electro/trance one. The Secret Panda Society offer a twisted, driving dubstep mix. Overall, the Myon & Shane 54 mix is the best of the bunch, especially the Intro version.

Watch the video here (YouTube)

Grade: A

June 5, 2011

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Joe Zangie - You Remind Me

Longtime singer Joe Zangie is back with a brand new single entitled "You Remind Me." Joe delivers a strong vocal, as well as memorable lyrics. There are remixes by Mr. Mig & Mike Rizzo, Giuseppe D, and Beat Bangerzz. The Mig & Rizzo mix is a eurodance/house hybrid, fitting nicely into traditional house and even circuit sets. Giuseppe D's mix plays up the euro flavor. The tribal/electro Beat Bangerzz mix would fit into a variety of sets. Also included is a Rhythm Radio version which has that Electro/Pop sound that is all over radio right now. The Mig & Rizzo is the best one of the bunch.

-Purchase the song here (iTunes)
-Watch the music video here (YouTube)

Grade: A

June 3, 2011

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Adele - Set Fire To The Rain

Already a fan favorite, this is the next single off of her 21 album. Produced by Fraser T. Smith, this is a midtempo power ballad. Adele's vocal performance is just fantastic. There are remixes for this by Moto Blanco (in terms of official ones). They give it a nice Disco makeover, losing some of the emotional aspect of the original. The unofficial Plastic Plates mix is in a similar tempo as the original, giving the song an 80's synth pop feel. Both mixes are very well done.

-Listen to the original here (YouTube)
-Listen to the Moto Blanco mix here (YouTube)
-Listen to the Plastic Plates mix here (YouTube)

Grade: A+ (for the original)/A (for the remixes)
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Liam Keegan feat Charlie G - Beating Of My Heart

This is a new club release from the rising star. The vocals center around the bridge of Madonna's haunting "Live To Tell." Charlie G's vocals aren't as melancholy as Madonna's were, but they're good. They almost have a Neil Tennant (of Pet Shop Boys) feel. The Electro House production is pretty good, being suitable for both mainstream and circuit floors.

Listen to the main version here:
Liam Keegan ft Charlie G: Beating of My Heart - Liam Keegan Remix by MattConsola

Grade: A-
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Coldplay - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall

This is the lead single off of their forthcoming new album. The guitar-driven uptempo samples "I Go To Rio" by Peter Allen. It has a slight electro undercurrent to it. The way the sample is used, it does call to mind some of the recent Pop hits with similar sounds such as "Dynamite", "California Gurls", and "Tik Tok". The only issue with the production is the lack of a proper beat throughout much of it. Vocally, Chris Martin sounds fantastic. The song isn't as immediately catchy as their earlier work, however it is quite the grower.

Listen to the song here (YouTube)
Purchase the song here (iTunes)

Grade: A-
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Help Choose Kimberley Locke's New Single!

The American Idol alumni is going to be releasing and promoting a new single real soon. She is calling upon her fans to help choose it. There are 3 songs: "Finally Free", "I Can't Get Enough", and "Sirens." All three are Dance/Pop-oriented. Vote for the song on her Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/kimberleylocke to determine which song will become her new single.
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Kim Sozzi - Little Bird

Dance diva Kim Sozzi is back with a cover of the Annie Lennox song. Vocally, Kim stays very faithful to Annie's original, doing a very good job. Of all the covers she has done, this one is up there with "How Did You Know."  The chilled production of the main version has some traces of the original. There are additional mixes by Italia 3, Dark Intensity, and Vincenzo Callea. The Italia 3 mix plays up the production aesthetic of the Annie original. It feels like a modernized version of that. Both Dark Intensity and Vincenzo Callea's mixes are in a similar vein as the main version throughout most sections, adding some instrumental electro breaks. The Callea one has a lush piano running under the vocal sections. Overall, the Italia 3 and main versions are the best of the bunch, however, every mix is thoroughly enjoyable and well-produced.

-Listen to the main version here (YouTube)
-Purchase the digital single here (iTunes)

Also, check out Annie's original version here (YouTube)

Grade: A

June 2, 2011

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Eric Saade - Popular

He placed 3rd at the final of this year's Eurovision contest, representing Sweden. Stylistically, it is very campy, calling to mind the work of BWO or Alcazar. Eric's vocals are pretty good. The lyrics may be a tad cliched, but that's okay. SoundFactory completed several remixes. The circuity mixes stay true to the original, making it a little more accessible for the dancefloor. The dub has a different harder, darker production with just a light sprinkling of vocals. The remixes improve upon an already good song.

Watch the music video here (YouTube)

Grade: A-
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