January 6, 2010

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Vernessa Mitchell - Rise!

Nearly 5 years have passed since her last single "Love Will Find A Way" was released. Written by Steven Feldman, Jerome Farley, and Vernessa herself, "Rise!" is her brand-new single from an upcoming album which may serve as a greatest hits collection as there has been no proper album containing Vernessa's club-oriented material from the last 15 years. She is best known for her gospel/house singles including "Reap (What You Sow)", "This Joy", and "Higher" among others. "Rise!" is a rousing, hands-in-the-air anthem that doesn't stray too far from Vernessa's usual. Her vocal performace is passionate and powerful. The remixes are by Jerome Farley with Floor One, Del Pino Brothers, and Midnight Express. The main anthem and DJF1 mixes are circuit/tribal-oriented. The synths in both sets are really hard and rich. The Midnight Express mixes are a touch lighter, but still deliver the goods. This is a great song with excellent mixes.

The single will be released on February 9 on Continuous Cool digitally. Also, Vernessa will be making club appearances with Jerome Farley on his upcoming tour (in the U.S. in April) and then in Europe after that.

Grade: A

(post updated on January 9, 2010 with additional information)


Anonymous said...

You forgot to credit Steven Feldman as a writer of this song

Disco Cowboy said...

I just added the credit to the review. I did not have the information regarding writers and producers at the time I originally did the review so the omission was not intentional.

Disco Cowboy said...

I apologize for any inconveniences that the omission caused.

Anonymous said...

The writer credits are Steven Feldman, Jerome Farley AND Vernessa Mitchell. The producers are Jerome Farley and Floor One. The remixers are Jerome Farley with Floor One, Del Pino Brothers and Midnight Express. The release date is 9 February 2010 on Continuous Cool, worldwide digital release!
Thanks for helping spread the word! Vernessa will be making club appearances first in the USA with Jerome Farley on his DJ tour in April and then in Europe beginning in May and continuing through the summer.

Disco Cowboy said...

Thanks for the additional information. I'll add it into the main post.

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