August 31, 2008

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Ricki-Lee - Wiggle It

This is not just a remake of the 90's club hit by 2 In A Room. She does re-sing the chorus in the song. This is her latest single. It's a sexy, midtempo number that takes Ricki-Lee to the clubs. The vocal are on-point and are sexy without sounding nasty or vulgar.

The music video was filmed in a nightclub with actual clubbers. Clad in a little black dress, Ricki-Lee cruises the club watching the various people dancing around her. There are some humorous moments throughout the video. Overall, the video concept fits well with the song.

Grade: A-


Anonymous said...

LOL - the dress is PURPLE!!! And it's Wayne Cooper if anyone is interested!

Disco Cowboy said...

The dress looked black in the YouTube video on my screen. I guess I need to adjust my screen colors and stuff. Either way, she looks great.

AzrielDrake said...

The video shoot was very funny - a lot of fun. They actually filmed a ton of stuff that didn't make it into the video - mostly just shots of the crowd dancing. The club was actually a lot smaller than it looks!

There was one shot they filmed that I really liked the idea of; I don't think they used any of it. In Samir's rap (he's the rapper) one take they filmed at half speed. So he has acting along in slow motion and in the background everyone kept grooving at normal speed so if you played it back, we'd all appear hyper or something!

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