December 18, 2014

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Michael M & Edwin James - The Kids Don't Know

He is best known for the spoken word meets Electro-House track "Dear Diary" nearly a decade ago. His latest offering is in the same spirit as that one, but it's a clever and witty song discussing the halcyon days of clubbing and nightlife from the 90s and 2000s. One will find themselves agreeing with nearly every point brought up. The spoken vocals float atop a hypnotic Def Mix era Deep House production. It is a timely track given that clubs and clubbing have changed significantly during the last 10 to 15 years.

-Listen to the original version here (YouTube)
-Purchase the original here (iTunes)

Grade; A

December 15, 2014

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Aristofreeks feat Kathy Sledge - Keep It Movin'

This release has been getting the attention of DJs and clubbers alike during the last few months. It features the vocals of the legendary Kathy Sledge (of Disco and R&B group Sister Sledge). It is a rousing, uplifting track. The main versions are in a funky Disco/House direction. There are additional remixes by C-Rod, DJ Ting, Eric Kupper, John Rizzo, Mike Rizzo, Ranny, Razor N Guido, Serving Ovahness, Stingray, and The Degenerates. Every single mix brings something special to the table. The highlights include the Eric Kupper, Razor N Guido, and Serving Ovahness mixes. Eric Kupper delivers a Def Mix era throwback mix with lush pianos. Razor N Guido's darker mixes also utilize an organ-based hook that is further highlighted in their Duhb. Serving Ovahness delivers both a solo and collaboration mix with Alexander which make this into a peak hour circuit anthem.

Grade: A+

November 25, 2014

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Lisa McGlown - Rejoice! (Novogain Remix)

This is the proper clubland debut of the Gospel/Jazz singer-songwriter. She famously co-wrote the song "Reap (What You Sow)" recorded by Gospel artist Vernessa Mitchell. The song is notable because it was eventually remixed by Junior Vasquez and Joe Carrano and it led to Vernessa reaching a whole new audience with the remixed versions of her inspirational songs. The message of "Rejoice!" is powerful and beautiful. NovoGain has remixed this one into an anthem. It even incorporates some instrumental references to "Reap (What You Sow)". Lisa's vocals soar over the thundering production.

Listen to a preview of the NovoGain remix of "Rejoice!"
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Jenna Drey - Making Me Love Again (Remixes)

The Dance/Pop diva is back with another catchy song that is sure to be a classic. It is in a similar vein as her earlier hits. She sounds fantastic. All of the remixes on this package are in an uplifting big room style. Amy Alderman, Griffin White, Mission Groove, and QUBIQ provide the remixes. Amy Alderman's dark treatment is perfect for peak hour with the massive synths and drums. Griffin White's mix is a little lighter but it still packs a punch. Mission Groove's mix is on the techy side. It's better suited for the afterhours. QUBIQ's mix is very synthy and has a slight Hi Nrg feel. Overall, every remix is excellent!

Purchase the single here (Beatport)

Grade: A

November 11, 2014

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Nick Jonas - Nick Jonas (Deluxe Edition)

Nick's highly anticipated first solo album since splitting with his brothers Joe and Kevin has him shedding his squeaky clean image and taking on the role of the bad boy. Sex is clearly on his mind as evidenced by the racy photoshoots he did that were a homage to Mark Wahlberg's iconic Calvin Klein ad campaigns nearly 20 years ago. Nick has commented in numerous interviews that this album is meant to be suitable for playing in the bedroom while one gets down and dirty, and he was absolutely right. The R&B and Pop fusion that is the significant majority of the album has a distinct sexiness to it. The album is in the same aesthetic as Justin Timberlake's acclaimed first two solo albums. The album is strongly influenced by the work of Michael Jackson, Morris Day, Prince, and R. Kelly. Nick's voice is meant for music of this nature and he does a great job of showcasing all aspects of it. It is easily one of the best albums of the year. There are many highlights from the playful "Jealous" to the ambient "Chains" and the experimental "Numb." He does incorporate a little bit of 80s Synthpop on the hypnotic "Teacher" and the hooky "Wilderness." He also incorporates the 80s Power Ballad in the form of "Avalanche" with close friend Demi Lovato. Every song is a gem. "Teacher", "Wilderness", and "Avalanche" are begging to be future singles

Purchase the album here (iTunes)

Grade: A

November 8, 2014

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Tony Moran feat Debby Holiday - I Like You

Tony Moran has teamed up with Dance diva Debby Holiday to cover Phyllis Nelson's 1985 hit "I Like You". The main version produced by Tony and longtime collaborator Warren Rigg is an uplifting peakhour masterpiece. Debby's vocals are mesmerizing. There are additional remixes by Edson Pride with Leandro Moraes, James Anthony, Nick Bertossi, Phil B with Andy Allder, and Twisted Dee. Edson Pride and Leandro Moraes keep the peakhour vibe of the main mix, however, there's is a tad harder. James Anthony's mixes are much darker and have some dazzling, Trancey synths. Nick Bertossi's mix is more tribal and has some well-timed electro buildups and breakdowns. Phil B & Andy Allder provide a Hi Nrg meets Electro House mix which has a slight 80s vibe. It has a deep bassline. Twisted Dee's mix has a big room Trance flavor to it as well. Every single remix is great with the main one being the best of the bunch, but all are thoroughly enjoyable.

Listen to clips of all the mixes and purchase the single here (Beatport)

Grade: A
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Jublio Drive

Indie Rock group Jublio Drive has been around for a couple of years and they are currently on tour. Their music is in the style of the Classic Rock groups that were in fashion in the 80s, but with a modern twist. "Radio" has the feel of something Depeche Mode or Duran Duran would have done around that that time. "Hidden In Plain Sight" is a light Rock instrumental track begging for some vocals. This group has tremendous potential to be huge in the near future. Please take a moment to check out these two songs!

Listen here:

October 18, 2014

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Seb Skalski Feat. Fred Triplett - The Path

This is the latest single from the Polish producer. He teams up with vocalist Fred Triplett on this glorious throwback to the Def Mix era. The laidback production is very faithful to that time. The lyrics are positive and are sung beautifully. The vocals call to mind the great stylings of Byron Stingily, Robert Owens, and Terrance Downs. The main mix plays up the Disco elements of the song while the Club mix and its companion dub are deeper. The Seb Skalski & Masta P mix is at a slightly lower tempo and it has a late 70s/early 80s Disco/Funk vibe. It almost feels like it could have been on one of Michael Jackson's early solo albums. Steven Stone's mix also has a Funk vibe to it. Overall, every mix is great, however, the Seb Skalski & Masta P one is the best of the bunch.

Listen to clips and purchase the single here (TraxSource)

Grade: A

October 17, 2014

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Groove Thing feat Debbie Harry - Command and Obey (New Remixes)

This song featuring the lead vocalist of Blondie was an underground club hit in 1997. New remixes have been produced by Barry Harris and Serving Ovahness to reinvent this song. The original remixes by Darrin "Spike" Friedman with Fred Jorio and Plasmic Honey still hold up well nearly 17 years later. Barry Harris fuses 90s piano-based Handbag House with hard drums on his mix. Serving Ovahness delivers a drama-filled mix with lots of buildups and breakdowns. Both remixers have made the vocals the focal point of their respective mixes. Both mixes are hot!

Listen to clips and purchase here (Beatport)

Grade: A

October 10, 2014

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Nancy Love - This Is Me (Album)

Hailing from Canada, Nancy Love is an independent Dance/Pop singer-songwriter. Her debut album serves as an excellent showcase for all that she is capable of from uptempo club bangers to midtempo pop ballads. It consists of 8 solid tracks that are expertly sung. Every track is thoroughly enjoyable. The highlights include the playful "Mocha Chika Loca" with Spanish guitar elements and a thumping beat and the synth-laden "Fresh To Me." Of the few midtempos, both "First Lover" and "Rise and Shine" are beautiful.

Listen to the full album here:

Buy the album on iTunes

Grade: A

October 9, 2014

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Tony Moran & Joe Gauthreaux feat Michelle Weeks - Let's Find A Place

This mood-setting club track takes inspiration from Voyage's Disco/Hi Nrg classic "Souvenirs." The main "let's find a place...let's keep on moving" hook is from the bridge in the Voyage song. Michelle Weeks does a great job as usual with the main vocals and the divalicious ad libs peppered throughout the dubby track. The main version and edits contain more vocals whereas the Electro Dub has just a few. The latter is more of a peakhour track.

Listen to clips and purchase the song here (iTunes)

Grade: A
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MYNC and Mario Fischetti feat Deborah Cox - Everywhere

This is an exciting new collaboration involving producers MYNC and Mario Fischetti and singer Deborah Cox. "Everywhere" is an uplifting big room vocal track with potential to be huge in the clubs and on radio. The song's composition calls to mind Rihanna's hit "We Found Love", however, this goes above and beyond.

-Listen to a radio rip of the song here (YouTube)

Grade: A
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Finbarr Massi & Dan DeLeon Presents Breathwaite feat. Deborah Cox - Show You (Tony Moran Event Mix)

This special private mashup mix was produced by Tony Moran for his 2007 magnum opus The Event. It was combination of elements of Finbarr Massi & Dan DeLeon's track "Show You" and some unused ad libs from Deborah Cox's "House Is Not A Home" which she had recorded new vocals for the club mixes in 2005, and of course some additional production. Additional ad libs from those recording sessions were used on the Tony Moran & Warren Rigg Destroy U Mix of that song. This mashup was one of many highlights on The Event and it had remained unreleased as an umixed track until a couple of weeks back when it was included on a special compilation called Flaunt by Dan DeLeon.

-Listen to a clip and purchase the remix here (Beatport)

Grade: A
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Katy Perry - Unconditionally (Nu Collective Demo Mix)

This heartfelt ballad was the 2nd single from her PRISM album. It performed only moderately well after the massive hit "Roar" which preceded it, and then of course "Dark Horse" was huge afterwards. This is still one of many highlights on the album. The song had a number of remixes, however only a couple of them were really well done. The best remix of the song surfaced this week! It is the previously unreleased production by Nu Collective (the trio of Billy Waters, Floor One, and John Michael Di Spirito). Despite the title containing the word 'demo', the remix sounds completely polished and complete. It is a melodic, big room mix staying true to the original, maintaining the emotional element that made the original so special.

Listen to the remix here:

Grade: A

October 7, 2014

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David Guetta feat Sam Martin - Dangerous

This is the latest single from the producer/DJ's new album Listen which is due out later in the year. In several interviews, David has mentioned that this album will be in a different musical direction than previous albums. The song is significantly different than his usual in that it is a midtempo. It begins and ends with orchestral elements. One could compare the song to Rihanna's Electro/R&B midtempo hit "Diamonds"  but it's funkier.

Watch the lyric video here (YouTube)

Grade: A
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