April 5, 2016

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Vernessa Mitchell - This Joy (2016 Remixes)

Originally released in 1998, this song went on to be a major club classic. The original version was produced by Junior Vasquez and Gomi and the main remix was by Razor N Guido. That remix went on to be the most well known version of the ferocious Gospel/House anthem. Rosabel revisited this track a short time back, however, the new mixes remained unreleased until now. Due to the sudden, unexpected passing of Guido from the duo of Razor N Guido, the new versions have been released as a tribute. Their main mix does contain some melodic elements from the Razor N Guido mix, particularly the signature riff. The mix is Rosabel's usual big room-oriented peak hour style which is effective here. Their dub centers around the riff and lots of well-timed buildups and breakdowns and just enough of the vocals. These new mixes are extremely well done.

Listen to the mixes here:

Purchase the single here (iTunes)

Grade: A


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