May 12, 2009

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Offer Nissim featuring Maya - Hook Up

This is their latest single. Offer has been playing this one for a few months now. "Hook Up" is somewhat of a departure from their usual songs about love and loss. This one is a bit more sexual. Maya sort of speaks/raps the lyrics instead of singing them. It may sound a bit bizarre, but it works. The original is pretty tribal and slightly electro (think of taking the fun sleazy vibe of Starkillers or Hector Fonseca's productions and combining them with Offer's usual big room offerings). The gorgeous piano breaks and key stabs make up for the lack of sung vocals. Yinon Yahel's remix sounds more like what Offer would usualy do with his tracks. There are piano breaks in his mix as well. Those not liking the original may prefer this version. Ana Paula's mix has a nice strings break. The mix has a carnival-like atmosphere. Very good too. The Dimitri Vegas and Ben Preston mixes are both in a similar vein. They are much more electro-oriented.

A great package overall.

Buy the mixes here (Star 69 Records)

Grade: A-


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