February 3, 2014

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James Blunt - Bonfire Heart (Remixes)

Released nearly 6 months ago, this heartfelt midtempo has finally gotten some remixes. The Pop/Rock original is absolutely gorgeous. James' vocals coupled with the lyrics make this amazing. There are remixes by Dave Rose, eSquire vs. Offbeat, Flatdisk, and HIIO. Dave Rose basically sandwiches the original between a progressive House production. eSquire vs. Offbeat also go in a progressive direction, however, the vocal sections are softer, highlighting them. Flatdisk's approach is similar to the Dave Rose's, but the production is harder. HIIO's big room mix is progressive as well and only uses the chorus, but, it's a great mix overall. eSquire vs. Offbeat's ends up being the best of the bunch.

-Listen to the original here (YouTube)
-Buy the original here (iTunes)
-Buy the remixes here (Beatport)

Grade: A-


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