August 3, 2007

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They want danger

They first gained attention with "The Rejection" over a year ago and followed it up with an EP featuring several tracks. No proper album yet, but hopefully one is in the works. Of the Dance/Rock-oriented EP, "Give Me Danger" became the next single. It has the feel of a Depeche Mode or Erasure track. The vocals definitely will call to mind Dave Gahan. Not a bad thing though. This similarity could hopefully cause fans of Dangerous Muse to check out Depeche Mode and Erasure if they have not done so already.

Just as was done with "The Rejection", "Give Me Danger" has received some remixes. Peter Rauhofer headlines on this project, however, there are over half a dozen other mixes that are worthy of attention as well. Peter Rauhofer opted to go in the electro-house direction he has been dabbling in for the last couple of years. For a song of this nature, it is quite appropriate. The slowed-down vocals lose some of the "oomph" found in the original. The production doesn't have the feel of "danger" as may have been expected, however, it is pretty decent.

A CD maxi containing the original, Rauhofer and other mixes was issued a few weeks back. It is available at some brick n' mortar stores, however PerfectBeat and Amazon are good options as they have carried it and may do so for some time.

Original Version
Grade: A

Peter Rauhofer mixes
Grade: B+


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