August 7, 2007

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Head to Head Battle: Sean Kingston vs. JoJo - Beautiful Girls

Determining whose version came first is one of those "chicken and the egg" situations. It has yet to be definitively determined. Both are very Reggae/Dance-oriented, and utilize the basic melody from Ben E. King's standard "Stand By Me." The lyrics are about being away from that special love of yours for a long period of time. Very relatable.

Sean Kingston's version of this song has slowly become the 2007 "song of Summer." It is quite difficult to go anywhere without hearing this one. It's all over the music video channels when they play videos and on the radio. And Sean's album just came out last week.

R&B leaning Pop singer JoJo hit it big a year ago with "Too Little, Too Late" but then took a backseat on the Pop scene for a while. Her version first surfaced on her MySpace a few weeks back. Radio stations have begun to play this version alongside Sean's one. This one is a bit more R&B/Freestyle-oriented (think of Inoj's "Love You Down", Corina's "Summertime, Summertime" and Kandi's "Don't Think I'm Not").

Overall, both are listenable, however, it is definitely all about JoJo's. Her vocals are very gentle to the ear and are really smooth.

The Winner: JoJo

Sean Kingston
Grade: B-

Grade: A-


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