August 25, 2007

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Heidi Montag featuring Spencer Pratt - Body Language

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have become household celebrities after their stint on the MTV reality series The Hills. Are they striving to be Pop stars as well? Maybe. A song called "Body Language" featuring vocals by both of them recently surfaced. The song is a mixture of accessible 80's electro-pop and Timbaland-styled beats. One would swear that this was done in the same vein as Timbaland's recent hit "The Way I Are." The beats are almost identical, and there is synth-pop sound throughout from a very well-known song. Timba's sounded very much like "Push It" by Salt N' Pepa, and this one is directly from Yazoo's "Situation." Heidi's singing is surprisingly good. She may not be the best, but she sounds fine. Spencer's rap is a tad generic, but works fine. There's a version without rap as well. The lyrics are fun and simple. This song is perfect for radio and the clubs. This one was reportedly not a single, but given the general response to it, it should be.

Grade: A-


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