August 3, 2007

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Audio Club - Hot Bangin', Super Sexy

After "Sumthin Serious" only did slightly well on radio earlier this Spring, Audio Club are back with a decent followup. New York's Z100 had been giving plenty of airtime to their first single, however, the rest of the country didn't catch on. Given that it was on Ultra Records, a New York-based dance label, the song would have gotten airplay on the dance stations, however, the song only gained some attention. With the release of this new single and a forthcoming debut album on major label Interscope, there could be renewed interest in the previous single while simultaneously playing this new one. This song is in a similar vein as there previous single, but not as contrived. Audio Club is best described as a Fergie-type singer plus a rapper with dance-leaning beats and productions. Could this be the beginning of a whole new "he raps/she sings" revolution as there was throughout much of the 90's? Perhaps. It has almost become a pre-requisite for female-sung uptempo tracks to feature an alternate mix with a male rapper on it. They just took it one step further. This one is much better than their previous single and is a lot more fun. Listen to it on their MySpace.

Grade: B+


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