September 28, 2009

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DJ Scott Mann featuring Amuka - It's Over

Amuka became known for the club anthem "Appreciate Me" in the early 2000's. And now she is back after a few months with a new track called "It's Over." It is yet another song in that "my man is no good" vein. On paper this sounds good, but in practice, not so much. Amuka is quite a capable singer, but the full power of her vocals isn't unleashed on "It's Over." It's warm at best. Given those limitations, the remixes by Edson Pride and Bryan Reyes with Amy Alderman are appropriate. Edson Pride's is the best of the bunch with the lush big room production.

Buy the single here (Masterbeat)

Grade: B


Anonymous said...

Hi, I disagree. This song is a far cry from the type of music you are used to hearing from AMUKA. The song has substance. The singing style fits the energy of the song. Belting not needed. Song has engery on it's own. not warm HOT!!!! I see it being a club hit. Bought the song on enjoy all the mixes, Edson's is awesome.

Michelle B

Anonymous said...

I disagree. This song is very different form her older material. Belting isn't needed when the song has energy already. Enabling us to hear her deeper tones. This song is HOT! Edson Pride's mix HOT! Bryans is a little darker but cool. The original is poppier but also HOT! I stumbled upon it on and hear more mixes are coming soon from Jose Spinnin. That should be hot too.

Michelle B
Boynton Bch, FL

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