June 11, 2013

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Ginny Blackmore - Bones (Remixes)

This is the debut single from the singer-songwriter from New Zealand. The tearjerker's lyrics are powerful as is Ginny's delivery. It's a brilliant song.

There are some remixes by Kassiano, Reflex, Sidney Samson & Killfake, and Tracy Young. Kassiano's mix with marching band drums and dubstep sections give it a darker feel. Reflex's dubstep/pop mix makes the song more uptempo while staying close to the original. Sidney Samson & Killfake's mix is a noisy electro one. The sped up vocals don't sound good here as the production doesn't mesh with the mood of the song. Tracy Young's mix is mostly a dub with just some vocals in the middle. The vibe of her big room mix is close to the original. Reflex and Tracy Young's end up being the best ones of the bunch.

Listen to the original version here (YouTube)

Grade: A


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