June 7, 2013

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Tony Moran's Sand Blast Weekend Podcast

Podcasts are generally not featured here, but this one featured some exclusives that were really worth mentioning. Tony Moran's podcast series regularly includes some classics and unreleased gems from the vault (like the Cher and Donna Summer mixes on prior podcasts).

The latest one includes Tony's rework of The Saint classic "Souvenirs" by Voyage which features Michelle Weeks on vocals which uses just some of the main riffs from the bridge and Michelle singing the vocals. It's a nice update to a song which hasn't really seen any mixes of this sort.

The new song "Where The Sky Meets The Sea" with vocals by Orion is amazing as well. The lyrics are so beautiful.

The main attraction of this podcast is the Tony Moran & Orlanda Fussalva mix of Deborah Cox's "A New Life." This is from the Jekyl & Hyde show Deborah is currently playing the lead in. Deborah is stunning vocally and the production is amazing. This is expected to be released soon.

Also included is the Gustavo Scorpio mix of the top 10 hit "Heartbeat" which features Deborah Cooper and several private mashups and re-edits of some other current Pop Top 40 songs.

Listen to and download the podcast here:


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