February 8, 2010

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Charice - Pyramid

Charice Pempengco first got attention for her big voice on a series of videos posted on YouTube. Hailing from the Phillipines, the singer went on to appear on programs both in her native country and all over the world. She most notably appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show several times. "Pyramid" is her latest single. It's Pop/R&B-oriented a la Jordin Sparks' "Tattoo". It's charming and cute.

There are remixes for "Pyramid" by Barry Harris, Dave Aude, Jonathan Peters, and Ruff Loaderz. Barry opts for a nice light circuit/house-styled mix. The piano keys and synths are really pretty. Dave's is much lighter and more discoey than his usual with plenty of pianos as well. Really good. Jonathan's mix is darker and harder. It feels more like a dub with all the cut up and looped vocals, plus those buildups and drops. It doesn't have all the vocals. It feels a bit messy and noisy during certain parts. But this may sound better on a club sound system. Ruff Loaderz go in an electro house direction.

Overall, the package is quite good.

Listen to a clip of Barry Harris' mix on his website.

Grade: A-


Pyramidict10 said...

Can't wait for Charice's PYRAMID. Would you be able to provide us with any samples? Her fans would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

cant wait to hear these!

Disco Cowboy said...

I would love to provide the fans with samples, but Charice's record label has been cracking down on links to the songs in both original and remixed form and it wouldn't be good if the blog were to get shut down.

However, I did find a clip of the Barry Harris mix on his website. I'll add the link to that page in the main post.

The mixes are supposed to be made available for sale in the next week or two.

Anonymous said...

This is enough for most of us, the review is great. Got a question though are those the 4 remixes on the actual EP? did they came in 1 packaging?

Anonymous said...

Are those 4 remixes in the same packaging? Meaning are they the actual Remixes in the Pyramid EP?

4 Remixes + Pyramid (Album)?

Disco Cowboy said...

Those were what has been promoted so far. There could be more versions, like radio edits, dubs, etc. when the digital release happens.

Pyramidict10 said...

Thanks for explaining why you can't give any samples. I realize her record label must be trying their hardest to keep anything from being leaked. Hopefully these next 2 weeks go by quickly when it comes to Charice's single being released. Hopefully her original mix will also drop in the next 2 weeks. Fans are impatiently waiting. Just to clarify things, from what you have stated, it seems like Dave Aude's has the "best" mix from the 4. Is it possible that the remixes will gain any radio airplay?

Disco Cowboy said...

Some of the remixes could get airplay on Dance radio format stations. Many of them do play remixes of Top 40/Rock/R&B songs.

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