February 8, 2010

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Nikki & Rich - Cat & Mouse

They describe their music style as "Alicia meets the Supremes while hanging out with Lauryn Hill listening to Outkast's "Hey Ya" remixed by Phil Spector." The duo's latest single "Cat & Mouse" definitely has that old school sound and is very catchy and fun. Nikki's voice has that classic quality to it and it's quite refreshing. Other songs from their upcoming album are in a similar vein.

There are remixes for this by Thrillers, LA Riots, Eddie Amador, Ian Nieman, Johnny Vicious, Klubjumpers, and WAWA. The Thrillers mix is in a similar vein as the original. It maintains the swingbeat from the original and has an electro/pop sound. LA Riots provide an electro mix that has just the right sleaze feel. Eddie Amador's is a bit more big room-ish with a hint of Electro. Ian Nieman's is similar but a little chunkier. Johnny Vicious' is a bit lighter and has an early 90's acid house feel, especially with those synths. Those are a nice touch. Klubjumpers' has a euphoric feel in addition to the core electro production. WAWA's is disco/funky house ish. The Wawa and Johnny Vicious mixes are the best of the bunch, however, all of the mixes are really good.

Buy the original version of "Cat & Mouse" here (iTunes)

Grade: A+


Anonymous said...

Absolutely loveeee Nikki and Rich, an amazing Duo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun track ... I think Ian Nieman's fix is fierce!

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