February 18, 2010

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Kevin Aviance - Gimme More

This song originally came out in 2007. There were hundreds of remixes of Britney's original and dozens of covers. Now this song gets an update by legendary performer Kevin Aviance. In the main version, Kevin stays true to the original but adds his own additional style and flare by altering just the right lyrics. There are some remixes by Nick Harvey and Billy Waters & John Michael vs. TWB. Nick provides his usual hard, driving tribal mix. With the warped synths and just the right amount of elements of the original, it's really fun. There are all sorts of things happening throughout the mix that keep it fresh from minute 1 to almost 11. The Dubstramental by Nick is great as well. The Billy Waters & John Michael vs. TWB Drama mix does indeed have plenty of 'drama'. Also hard and dark, this one has grittier, sleazier synths. This is equally good. Both mixes are really well done. An acapella is also included for your remixing pleasure.

Purchase the digital single here (Masterbeat)

Grade: A


Anonymous said...

You gave this garbage an A!?! You just lost alllll credibility. This is a travesty from 0:01. Everyone involved should be ashamed. Goodbye Club Music if THIS drivel gets an "A". Ya'll can do better.

Disco Cowboy said...

You know what they say, one man's trash is another's treasure. LOL. We all like/dislike what we like/dislike.

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