March 26, 2014

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Tony Moran feat. Orion - I Give In (Remixes)

This song first appeared as a radio edit on the Sugarhouse Divas unmixed compilation nearly a year and a half ago. The full mix had been a staple in Tony's live sets for nearly 4 years. The full remix package was released earlier this week. The main version is an epic 10 minute mix with a massive tribal and synth buildup leading to the hot vocals. Bonnis Maxx & Marcelo Rivera, Eddie Baez, and Ennry Sena & Mauro Mozart provide the additional mixes. Bonnis & Marcelo's mix is suitable for peak hour but is not as hard as the original. Ennry & Mauro's mix packs quite the punch despite being less than 7 minutes long. Eddie Baez's mix gives the song a hard, tribal workout with lots of buildups and breakdowns. An acapella based on the main mix is also included. The main long mix ends up being the best of the bunch along with Ennry & Mauro's mix.

Listen to all of the mixes here:

Purchase the mixes here (iTunes)

Grade: A


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