March 13, 2014

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Warren Nomi - #TIMEwarped (Album Review)

The new album from the Dance/Pop artist is finally here! The album is a mix of contemporary Electro and 80s Synth Pop. The result is a collection of well-constructed songs that will appeal to a wide audience. Warren's vocals recall those of Boy George and even Andy Bell (of Erasure). Fans of both artists will want to check this out. Some of the highlights include the covers of Kurtis Mantronik's "How Did You Know" (it was also remade by Mynt and Kim Sozzi in the mid 2000s) and Victoria Beckham's "My Love Is For Real", along with "French Kisses", "Falling"m and "Tease Me." "Tease Me" appears in 3 different incarnations, however the Love To Love You Baby mix of it is the best with the references to the Donna Summer classic, but the funky vibe of it really takes it to the next level. Overall, this is a solid album.

01. Falling (Björn Bodin's Strange Mix) (3:15)
02. How Did You Know? (Studi0 Matt VS Nomi EDM Mix) (6:05)
03. Red Wine Girl (David Kahne Master Mix) (3:56)
04. Tease Me (Rock Me Remix) (4:05)
05. Love Out Loud (3:20)
06. This Summer I (5:02)
07. French Kisses (4:31)
08. Eye Candy (3:55)
09. My Love Is For Real (Goh Hotoda's 1990 Mix) (4:52)
10. Tease Me (Part 2) (3:44)
11. How Did You Know? (Björn Bodin's HI-NRG MIX) (4:18)
12. This Summer I (Björn Bodin Summer Of Radio Mix) (3:22)
13. French Kisses (Josh Harris Eurotrash Mix) (3:45)
14. Tease Me (Love To Love You Baby Mix) (6:25)
15. Falling (Original R.I.P. Anders Mix) (3:02)

Grade: A


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