May 13, 2011

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Martin Clancy & The Witness Protection Programme - You Can't Stop The Rain

After last year's "Flat Foot" comes the latest neo-Disco offering entitled "You Can't Stop The Rain." Just as infectious as the previous single, this one is a little more modern. The bassline has a mid 80's hi nrg feel to it. The vocals are light and airy. The main version is lovely. There are remixes for this by Richard Morel, Timmy Loop, Stonebridge, Emjae, Chris Cox, Matt Joko, and DJ Yiannis. Richard's mix is soft and light Disco. Timmy Loop's mix is similar to the original, but the bassline is more prominent. Stonebridge's funky house treatment is bassline driven too. Emjae's vocal mix has a fun electro swing beat production. The dub is more circuit-oriented. The remaining three are circuit-oriented. Chris Cox's mix has a darker bassline harder synths, while the Matt Joko mix has some electro/tribal elements. DJ Yiannis' mix is very tribal too. Overall, every single mix is really good. It's very rare that every mix manages to be so thoroughly enjoyable. The Richard Morel, Stonebridge, and Chris Cox mixes are the standouts in addition to the original.

Grade: A+


trish said...

Certainly will be checking this out , sounds great.

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