May 1, 2011

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Faith Michaels feat Camuso - Fetish

Drag performer Faith Michaels makes her clubland debut with "Fetish". Very much in the vein of Shine's spoken word over a circuit production "Stimulating & Exciting" from 1999, this one is just as sexy. There are remixes by Twisted Dee, DJ Paulo, J Zuart, and DJ Polyak. Twisted Dee's mix is very dark and sleazy. DJ Paulo's tribal take is much more peak hour-ish. J Zuart's mix is similar in style of Paulo's mix, but with some interesting builds and drops. DJ Polyak's mix has an 80's synthpop undercurrent while remaining tribal. All of these mixes are circuit-oriented. All of the mixes are really good, however, the DJ Polyak one stands out.

Check out the music video here (YouTube) NSFW
Purchase the single here (Amazon)

Grade: A-


heavens_halo74 said...

love you Sean on this review and thank you!! Faith

Dj Polyak said...

Hello Sean,
It's Dj Polyak,
It's an honor to read about myself here, i just would like to ask you to take that "n" out of my name please. It's Polyak.

Thank You Sean! It is great to be here with you guys!

Sean said...

I corrected it. Some of the sites selling this release had it spelled that way too.

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