July 28, 2010

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Nick Harvey presents Halo - Pure Love

This is a new song featuring singer Heather Leigh West (most notably of "Drop A House" fame). Written and sung by Heather, it is produced by Nick Harvey. Heather's delivers a stirring and powerful vocal performance. The production is a good blend of tribal/electro house. The main synth riff from Razor N' Guido's club classic "Do It Again" is sampled here and works really well. Additional remixes will be released in a few weeks.

Listen and buy the release here (Juno)

This is a great track overall.

Grade: A


xtinainthecity said...

This song was debuted on SWISH's Gay Pride float in NYC, and as it came to Christopher Street, the epicenter of the Parade, Heather Leigh West sang "Pure Love" to thunderous applause. It's a great, happy anthem that will stay in your head long after you hear it. I was grateful to be right behind my dear friend as she sang to the crowd. Absolutely amazing.

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