July 15, 2010

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Athene Noelle - Innamorata

"Innamorata" is the debut single from the singer/actress/dancer. She puts a new spin on the classical "Moonlight Sonata." It is an unusual blend of opera and electronic music which works quite well. Athene's vocals are mesmerizing and hypnotic. There are remixes of this by Johnny Vicious and Chris Cox. Johnny takes things in a dark but chilled direction. It has that electro sound that has been characteristic of his recent work, but some of the trancey portions call to mind his work in the early 2000's. The dub has an early 90's rave feel. Chris Cox's mixes have a slightly more epic feel to them and are more suited for this type of song. Both are quite good though.

Grade: A-


iniquity1 said...

But dear lord, when (or if) are these mixes going to see the light of day?

Disco Cowboy said...

The only place I have ever found the Johnny Vicious and Chris Cox versions were on the Promolift website. They are being streamed on their Artists page.

On Athene's website, there was a mention of a CD maxi being released with their mixes a while back.

They sure are keeping these under lock and key. Occasionally, people from the labels and promotion companies view this blog, so if they are, I would suggest that they make these versions available for purchase as there is a demand.

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