July 24, 2010

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Jesse B. Williams v. Brooke Wilkes - Last Day

This is the latest single from Brooke. Written by Jesse B. Williams, the lyrics are really good. The song's style and writing calls to mind such classics as "Don't Let This Moment End". Brooke's vocal performance is memorable and effective. The original version is dance/pop-oriented. It begins like a Donna Summer song with the slow part and then the uptempo production comes in. It has a short mixable intro before the slow part. There are remixes by Manny Lehman, JMBW & Joel Dickinson, and Taz. Manny's is his usual big room brilliance. JMBW & Joel's mix begins like many of their tribal anthems with a drama-filled buildup. The slow part from the original is maintained for the beginning of the first verse and is a nice touch. Taz's version is very synthy and seems to jump through multiple styles within one mix, including big room, electro house, and minimal house. It somehow works. Overall, this is a strong record with a strong remixer lineup.

Purchase the digital single here (Masterbeat) and here (Amazon)

Grade: A


Taz said...

Thank You for recommend !
luv from Far east

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