December 7, 2009

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Sir Ivan - Kumbaya

This is his latest single which is also a cover of a positive, uplifting type song. "Kumbaya" was recorded earlier this year, but it remained unreleased until now. There are some changes to the lyrics though. It features mixes by Eric Kupper, Christopher Lawrence, and Tony Moran & Warren Rigg. Eric Kupper's mixes are slightly circuit-oriented, but they are really light. They feature some select samples from U.S. President Barack Obama's speeches. Christopher Lawrence takes things in a trancier direction. Tony Moran & Warren Rigg's mixes are their usual circuit anthem, but they are also is in a light epic trance direction. The dub is nicer as there's just some vocals and it gives listeners the opportunity to hear the stunning production. While this release may not be everyone's cup of tea, give it a chance. The production on all the mixes is solid and well-done.

Buy the remix EP here (iTunes)

Grade: A-


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