December 23, 2009

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Almighty presents We Love Diana Ross

This is a special remix album that has been in the works for several years. It was first announced a couple of years ago but was canceled for unknown reasons. Unlike some of the other titles in the Almighty 'We Love...'series, this Diana Ross one actually features her original vocals. Several of the versions have appeared on other Almighty compilations over the years and/or have been promoted. This collection features a good amount of her big hits, plus some lesser known ones. A number of the mixes stay true to the original and just feel like freshened up, modernized takes on the classics. Some of the songs that fall into that category include "Love Hangover", "The Boss", "Upside Down", "No One Gets The Prize", and "Lovin', Livin' and Givin'". Some go in a totally new direction, like "Touch Me In The Morning" which is a euro/hi-nrg styled uptempo mix, unlike the ballad original. It does have a piano beginning though. The "Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand" is particularly noteworthy as it is not an uptempo remix. It's a nice surprise. The only mixes that aren't as spectactular are the "I'm Coming Out" and "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" which have seen countless revisits done to perfection by other remixers. Oher than those minor things, this collection is pretty solid.

Buy the collection and listen to clips here (Almighty's website)

Grade: A-


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