December 24, 2009

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Kaylah Marin - On The Floor (Oh Baby Please)

This is the sexy new single from rising star Kaylah Marin. She sings about how she wants her potential suitor to take her on the dancefloor. Her vocals are quite good on this track. The original is a midtempo and would work well remixed. There are remixes by Mike Rizzo, Tracy Young, Rod Carillo, Josh Harris, and The Perry Twins. Mike Rizzo's is a simple dance/pop mix. Tracy Young's is her usual big room, circuit mix. Rod Carillo's is electro-oriented. Josh Harris' mix has a nice 80's synthpop feel to. The Perry Twins go in a simple dance/pop direction as well, a bit of a departure from some of their other work. The package is really great overall.

Buy the digital single here (iTunes)

Grade: A


Angela Palacio said...

I love the song. I also absolutely like every song on the CD. If you purchase the CD you will be very happy.

Anonymous said...

The Perry Twins co-produced the original dance version and recorded Kaylah's vocals in the recording studio with Quinn Coleman. Quinn was the one who suggested this song be released as her introduction into the dance world. Her people were going to go with a different song.

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