June 1, 2009

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LaKisha Jones - Let's Go Celebrate

This is the first proper single from the former American Idol contestant. She gained notoriety for her performances of "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" and "Diamonds Are Forever" during her time on show. Taken from her debut So Glad I'm Me, "Let's Go Celebrate" is a mild club banger. With it's happy synths, clap-beats, and lyrics about going out to an evening of dancing at a club, it would lend itself really well to remixes. LaKisha delivers an on-point, restrained performance.

There are remixes by Jody Den Broeder, Friscia & Lamboy, and One Cool Cuban. Jody delivers the goods with a funky piano-driven Disco throwback. It's very classy and just what the song needs. Friscia & Lamboy provide an electro/house mix that is a bit dirtier. It's an interesting throwback to the rave-type mixes of the 90's. The amount of vocoding on the vocals as heard on the original is a bit distracting at times and sometimes clashes with the production. One Cool Cuban's are sort of in-between what the other two did. They're just okay. Jody's is the best overall.

Radio edits of the Jody Den Broeder and Friscia & Lamboy mixes are available as bonus tracks on the iTunes release of her album. Get them here.

Grade: A-


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