May 31, 2009

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DJ DeMarko! featuring Heather Leigh West - Drop A House

This is the much-awaited revisit to Urban Discharge's early 90's club smash "Drop A House." The Tamperer's 1998 single "Feel It" combined the verses and refrain from "Drop A House" and instrumental parts from The Jackson 5's "Can You Feel It". However, singer Heather Leigh West never got the proper credit for her vocals. Now she is here to show the world that it was truly her on that song.

The vocals do sound a bit different, but they sound much richer and more soulful. There are plenty of different remixes of this. Nick Harvey's are really hard and driving. The bassline is so deep. The vocal effects are really good. Wayne G & Andy Alder's mixes are a bit more big room-ish. Jaime Garcia's are a bit Latin-tinged. Razor N' Guido's call to mind the original Tamperer version from 1998. It's a nice blend of tribal/electro. Quentin Harris' mix is kinda runway-ish. The original DeMarko! mix is very tribal and big room-ish. All the mixes are top notch. The standouts are Nick Harvey's, RNG's and the DeMarko! original.

The digital single is available for purchase at most digital music stores.

Grade: A+


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