June 7, 2009

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Ralph Falcon featuring Alex K & Alan T - Whateva

This is the latest single from Ralph Falcon. It is the followup to his Spring release"Every Now And Then" and last year's "Break You." This one is a runway-oriented track. The attitude-laden lyrics can be a bit repetitive at times. Ralph's main version is a bit more laidback and soulful despite the type of song this is.

There are remixes by Tom Stephan, Peter Rauhofer, and Cajjmere Wray. Tom Stephan's is his usual electro/tribal fierceness. The production lends itself well to the lyrical content. It has that 'runway' feel that this song so desperately needed to work well. Peter Rauhofer's is very minimal and techy. This is more suitable for afterhours. Cajjmere Wray's is much harder and darker than the others. It is quite effective as well.

This is an exclusive at Masterbeat.com and iTunes for now.

Grade: A-


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