January 29, 2008

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Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction (Part Deux)

Snoop's latest offering "Sensual Seduction" ("Sexual Eruption") has been climbing up the charts. It is impossible to go anywhere without hearing (or seeing) it. In an effort to keep it fresh, two remixes have been completed that preserve the feel and vibe of the original, but add something new. The first mix features rapper Lil' Kim. Her minimal portions are raunchy and explicit as expected, however, she keeps the profanity to a minimum. The unexpected twist comes in the form of the second remix which features Swedish Pop starlet Robyn, who most notably had a handful of hits in the U.S. during the mid 90's. She recently hit it big in Europe with her recent album. That album is to be released in the U.S. in the next few months. Aside from the added Electronica elements, it doesn't stray too far from the original. Robyn's lyrics are actually naughtier than Lil' Kim's!!! Some would wonder how that is possible, but it happened here. It's an unlikely pairing, but it works well. Both mixes freshen up the track very well. Hopefully both will be properly released since they are really worth our while.

Lil' Kim Remix
Grade: A-

Robyn Remix
Grade: A+


blahhhh said...

Go Robyn!!!

Love her ass! She better do something in the US!

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