February 7, 2013

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Sarah Brightman - Angel (Remixes)

This is the lead single from the mezzo soprano's new album. The building ballad-style production of the original is so beautiful. Sarah's lovely vocals are the main focus as the production is subdued enough in all the right places. It builds up bit by bit to an epic climax.

There are remixes for this by Stefan Dabruck, Von Ukuf & Dylon, and Wawa. Stefan's mix is synthy and really pretty. The Von Ukuf & Dylon mix has a big room trance feel with the synthwork and the vocals are used to great effect. Wawa's mix has a Giorgio Moroder esque "I Feel Love"-styled riff running through it. Overall, the Von Ukuf & Dylon and Wawa ones are the best of the bunch. This song is begging for a proper big room trance mix, possibly something in the style of what Giuseppe Ottaviani is  doing lately.

-Listen to the original here (YouTube)

Grade: A


Anonymous said...

Just one comment: Sarah Brightman is not a mezzosoprano. She is a soprano.

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