February 11, 2013

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My thoughts on the 2013 Grammys

In the nearly 6 years I have been writing the blog, I haven't done something like this, but after some asked me to, I decided to jot down my thoughts on this year's Grammy awards ceremony. I noted down everything as it happened live on my iPad and then posted everything uncensored, unfiltered, but with some copy editing so it's coherent. I would have live tweeted it, but I am too much of a perfectionist and it would take substantially longer to articulate my thoughts in 140 characters or less. Here it is:

Every year I promise myself that I will not watch the telecast, but somehow I end up watching anyway. This year's had some good performances, but it seems really odd to call it an "awards" show when it is just performance after performance with a couple of awards handed out. In a few years time, I could see the awards aspect going away completely and it remains a showcase for artists and stuff.

LL Cool J was doing the best he can as host of the show, but it was just so awkward. I don't think he should host in the future. He lacks the charisma to perform this duty. Neil Patrick Harris would be a better candidate for the job. Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood who have done great jobs at hosting several Country Music Awards telecasts in the past would be perfect for this too. They are very genuine, down to earth, funny, and have great natural comic timing. They keep the flow of the show going at a good pace. Even though he only appeared a few times throughout the night, I kept wanting him to leave the stage.

  • Taylor Swift's performance was a hot mess. What was with the circus theme? She looked okay, but sounded off. It was like she was trying to channel Lady Gaga, butt just doesn't suit her at all. Se doesn't need to do all these gimmicks.
  • Ed Sheeran and Elton John's performance was good. Elton seemed a little off in some places, but he really tried to male it work. 
  • Where was the rest of Jennifer Lopez's dress? She looked really weird. It's like Beyonce's "Single Ladies" costume, but it just doesn't work here. Pitbull looked like he wanted a piece of her cake. 
  • It was nice to see Adele and Rihanna hug before she went up to accept her award. I thought Adele's dress was cute. A little frumpy, but it is appropriate. 
  • fun.'s performance was really good. I loved the rain on stage and the "sun" lights behind them at the end. 
  • Bonnie Raitt has looked the same for the last 25 years or so. It's scary how she hasn't aged a bit. 
  • Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley were nice. Loved her dress. The stage with the light up tree was cool. 
  • Miguel and Wiz Khalifa were good though I usually cannot stand Wiz. Why can't he wear a shirt when he performs? He needs to work out and get some muscles before he wears those open jackets. 
  • Tim McGraw's weight loss is working. His new face looks good. What was Faith Hill wearing? She looked so vulgar and cheap. Jessica Lange wore something like this a couple of years ago and the press ripped her a new one. 
  • fun. seemed really nice and gracious in their acceptance speech. 
  • Considering I don't listen to Mumford & Sons, I though they were pretty good. 
  • Justin Timberlake with his old school style performance was beyond epic! I loved this. I am glad that he did both the current single and a new song from the album. 
  • I was sooo happy for Frank Ocean when he won for Contemporary R&B album. His speech was so humble and genuine. 
  • Alicia Keys and Adam Levine were a hot mess. Alicia was singing almost 2-3 keys lower than the original version and she was still struggling. She should not do that song live anymore. Adam singing her song managed to sound better. It is very sad. 
  • Rihanna with Mikky Ekko were amazing. Se has certainly improved. The song is so haunting and beautiful. 
  • I didn't care for The Black Keys. I hadn't heard their music before and I don't wish to now. 
  • Kelly Clarkson was AWESOME!!! I do wish she had done one of her own songs, but she did both of those songs justice! 
  • I didn't care for Bruno Mars' performance at all. He looked like he was severely constipated. I don't care for him all that much. I don't understand the appeal. Sting was nice though. He's like 200 years old but still looking great. He has managed to maintain his voice for the most part. Rihanna and the Marley brothers were great. 
  • What is up with these Nicole Scherzinger Herbal Essences shampoo ads? Se seems so out of place. NO ONE asks for shampoo like that ever. She is so far up her ass that she has no fucking clue boy how things work in the real world. Honey, you are like 12 years late. 
  • I don't know who these guys were that performed right after. I have heard the song on the radio so many times. "Sweetheart" or something.
  • Carrie Underwood was beyond fierce as well! I loved the pattern shifting of her dress. That looked so cool. She sounded great as well. 
  • Prince was himself tonight, lol. He always manages to top himself with each appearance, giving us some content for new GIFs. It was nice to see Gotye and Kimbra giving him so much respect when they won. 
  • The second Elton John performance with all the guests was much better. Mavis Staples had a fierce dress. 
  • I thought Juanes' partial cover of "Your Song" was cute. 
  • Frank Ocean was a lot of fun to watch. He did appear to be a little nervous. But he got into it eventually. 
  • LL Cool J's closing performance was a hot mess. It was just noise. It felt so out of place.

Overall, this year's show was good in terms of performances, but as an awards show, it lacked an substance. They really need to make some changes to the way they do the show because it is just getting longer and longer and for those who do care about he awards aspect, it mint be extremely boring. Most of these awards shows have begun to go in this direction for the past few years.


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