December 18, 2012

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Sir Ari Gold - Play My F**kn Record

Don't judge a song by its title. Sri Ari Gold's latest single gets right to the point: he wants the DJ to play his record now! The fun song is extremely catchy Ari delivers with the vocals as he usually does. The song's chorus with the f-bombs might turn off some but it fits in so seamlessly that it almost doesn't feel that profane and is sort of cute.

The original is in an Electro/Dance/Pop style. There are plenty of remixes by Country Club Martini Crew, Radboy, Oliver Watts, bDb, Jared Jones, and Shayne B. Country Club Martini Crew's mix is in a similar style as the original but makes the song more suitable for the dancefloor. Radboy and Oliver Watts deliver two great big room mixes with great synths, hard beats, and plenty of bass. bDb's tribal mix has great percussion. The Jared Jones mix is the definitive big room and circuit mix with its massive synths and beats. Shayne B's twisted electro mix is very contemporary. Overall, every mix is great with Country Club Martini Crew, Oliver Watts, and Jared Jones mixes being the standouts.

As Aris is an independent artist, he is trying an unorthodox method of raising money to fund his current music projects He is using IndieGoGo to raise money for the music video, an upcoming remix album, documentary, tour, and promotion. If you wish to donate money to help with his projects, go to his IndieGoGo page here. Additional details about the nature of each part of the projects is there. And he has an eye catching promotional video to draw further attention to this project on YouTube (slightly NSFW)

-Buy the digital single here (iTunes)

Grade: A

(note: this blog was not paid/compensated to endorse or promote this release)


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