December 5, 2012

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Colton Ford - Let Me Live Again (Remixes)

The main versions of this uplifting, inspirational song were released last year however, new remixes of this have been done by Wawa, Director's Cut (Eric Kupper & Frankie Knuckles), Craig C, JC, Tony Moran & Warren Rigg, and Bill Bennett & Tyler Nelson. Colton delivers one of his best vocal performances to date on this heartfelt song. Wawa, who also produced it, provides three main versions. The Club Mix is a synthy electro house production with the vocals heavily reverbed. The Original Back To Mine mix is a variation on their main mix but certain elements have been played up. This one sounds most like a Freemasons mix. The Endless Summer mix is more tribal. The Director's Cut beautiful 90s Disco House throwback. Craig C's mix almost seems to pick up where the second Wawa mix left off and is just a bit more uptempo and "hands in the air" sounding. JC's mix has aggressive electro synth stabs and soulful sections. Tony Moran & Warren Rigg's mix begins like their usual anthemic mixes, however, the piano loops throughout it add a little something extra. Bill Bennett & Tyler Nelson's is very pretty as well with the uplifting synthwork. Overall, the second Wawa, Director's Cut, and Tony Moran & Warren Rigg mixes are the best of the bunch, even though all of the mixes are quite good.

-Listen to the original here (YouTube)
-Listen to clips of all the mixes and buy them here (Amazon)

Grade: A


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