June 8, 2011

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Chad Jack vs Nasty Pig - Gag On It

Producer/DJ is back with a new a underground track that is a takeoff on the runway classic "Why Are You Gagging?" by Jade Elektra. Only a few bits of vocals in both filtered and unfiltered incarnations are spread throughout the track. In addition to the building tribal/electro original, there are mixes by Barry Harris, Superchumbo, Coletta & LaCava, and Still & Havoc. Bringing plenty of drama, the Barry Harris mix is faithful to the main version, however, he adds some fun synth lines and effects. With its blips and bleeps and thick electro synths, Superchumbo's mix is rather repetitive. Newcomers Coletta & LaCava channel the Iberican underground with their interpretation. Their mix is excellent for layering with some other sounds or samples. Finally, the Still & Havoc mix has intense rushes of electro coupled with driving synths. Overall, the Barry Harris and Coletta & LaCava mixes are the best of the bunch.

Listen to an edit of the main version here:
Gag On It (NSFW Sound Cloud Edit) by Chad Jack Vs Nasty Pig

Purchase here (iTunes)

Grade: A-


Jade Elektra said...

Thank you for giving me credit for the original track, "Why Are You Gaggin'?". It's nice to know that someone still remembers the work that Calvin Roberts and myself did back in the 90's.

~Jade Elektra

Sean said...

You're welcome! It's important for the young clubbers and DJs to know where the music of today came from/got its inspiration.

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