March 27, 2011

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Kristine W - Fade (Part 1)

This is the highly anticipated new single off of her The Power Of Music album. The guitar-driven electro/pop song is already great in its original form, however, it gets taken up several notches for the dancefloor. Johnny Vicious, Alex Acosta, Royaal, Buzz Junkies, and Subgroover, provide the remixes.

Johnny Vicious's main mix is basically a souped up version of the original. His Warehouse mixes lose the guitar, replacing that with an electro synth and bassline. The Eurodance/Hi NRG sound of Alex Acosta's mix also recalls the original. Royaal's mixes are minimal electro with a hint of uplifting synthpop. Buzz Junkies and Subgroover both take things in a similar electro/pop direction. All mixes are pleasant, however, the main Johnny Vicious and Alex Acosta mixes work the best overall. The second package of remixes will be released soon.

Purchase the digital single here (Juno), and here (Amazon)

Grade: A-


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