March 19, 2011

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Killian Wells - Psycho

Electro/Pop artist Killian Wells is ready to dominate the dancefloors with his latest release "Psycho." He could be thought of as a male counterpart to Ke$ha or Lady Gaga, with his hooky lyrics and visual artistry. While he's not the greatest vocalist, he does pretty well with what he has. The song works a lot better in remixed form. Nu Addiction, Dangerous Muse, 8Barz, and Kids On Drugs provide remixes. Nu Addiction provides a funky house mix, taking some of the edge off. Dangerous Muse's mixes sound like a meatier version of the original and complement the vocals better. 8Barz provides an 80's sounding electro/synthpop mix. Finally, the Kids On Drugs mix is a thick electro one. Overall, the Nu Addiction and Dangerous Muse ones are the best.

Grade: B (for the original)/A- (for the Nu Addiction and Dangerous Muse mixes)


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