January 20, 2011

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Nick Harvey Presents Halo - Pure Love (Remixes)

The highly anticipated remix package for "Pure Love" has been released today! Vibelicious, Aulden Brown, Audio Assembly, Matt Moss, Taz, and Brent Hensley provide the remixes this time around. Vibelicious provide a chilled, yet danceable mix. Aulden Brown's minimal electro/house mix is good. Audio Assembly's interpretation is drummy and driving. Their mix best utilizes the vocals. Matt Moss's circuit-oriented treatment is energetic as well. Taz's mix is a tribal dub using only some of the vocal. The real action kicks in during the second half. Brent Hensley's mix is tribal as well. His mix calls to mind some of Hex Hector's darker mixes from the earlier part of the 2000's. Closing out the package are two dubs by Nick Harvey and Audio Assembly. Nick Harvey's dub is a minimal, percussive piece suitable for afterhours. This one would also work well when layered with the break of a synthy track. The Audio Assembly dub is largely based on the vocal version, but is a bit more underground sounding. Overall, every mix on this package is really good.

Purchase the digital single here (Juno)

Grade: A


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