November 20, 2010

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Cher - You Haven't Seen The Last Of Me

This is one of two solo songs sung by her on the soundtrack for the movie Burlesque. This is a dramatic, power ballad written by Diane Warren. Vocally, Cher sounds fantastic. Her voice has held up quite well. The song starts off slow and then builds to a massive climax. It's great. There are remixes for this by Almighty, Dave Aude, and Stonebridge. Unsurprisingly, Almighty's production fits this song the best. They have remixed Cher numerous times to great effect. The piano-driven production is uplifting and allows the vocals to truly shine. Dave Aude's mix is a tad on the minimal sound. It calls to mind the 2008 revisit of "Infinity" by Guru Josh Project in some parts. The vocals sound good on this one too. Stonebridge's mix leaves much to be desired as much of the vocals are not used for whatever reason. It's a shame because the production is quite good. Overall, the Almighty and Dave Aude mixes are the best of the bunch.

Grade: A


Anonymous said...

Great Song. I especially love it as the ballad it's supposed to be. To me, none of the current official remixes do it justice. There just isn't enough UMPH! I am checking out the numerous remixes online from DJ's. 4 out of 5. Welcome back, Cher

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with this reviewer! If they are going to take this great ballad and remix it for dance before it has a chance to climb ANY of the charts on billboard, it better be FANTASTIC.

Believe had a problem in '98 climbing the charts. The problem is not so much Cher as the fact that radio seems to be boycotting anything to do with Christina.

I give this song a 4/5 and prefer that it be promoted as the ballad it was intended to be. Unfortunately, little promotion is being done by both Warner Bros. or RCA and the clubs may be the only hope. How pathetic these companies are in their politics!

Disco Cowboy said...

Additional remixes by Johnny Vicious have been promoted.

There are a whole bunch of bootleg remixes out there by Edson Pride, Ranny, Gustavo Scorpio, and more. Perhaps one of those might may be more suitable.

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