March 27, 2009

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Jipsta - I Want Your Sex

This is the Chicago-based rapper's followup to last year's club hit "Middle Of The Dancefloor." This is a cover of the popular George Michael song. Instead of singing the song, Jipsta speaks/raps it instead. As a club track, this sort of delivery of the lyrics actually works.

The main version by Mike Rizzo has a gritty, sleazy feel which is appropriate given the content of the song. Alexander & Mark VDH take the song in a darker, tribal direction. Manny Lehman's is much harder and more tribal. The After 6 mix is a bit more afterhours-ish and is quite minimal. Oscar Velazquez, Ranny, and Edson Pride's are all tribal in nature as well. Twisted Dee's is surprisingly lighter than all of the other mixes. It could be played during peak hour, but also during other times.

It's good that the package is quite extensive, There is not as much variety as there could have been. The Mike Rizzo mix is the real gem of the release. It's just right. Twisted Dee's is a close second.

Listen to the George Michael original here (YouTube)
Listen to the Jipsta version here (MySpace)

Grade: A-


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